Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave is located on Hon Bo Island and one of the stunning and largest caves in Halong bay. Sung Sot Cave is stuffed with unsual rock formations, that are highlighted by coloured lights.

sung sot cave in Halong Bay, the most beautiful cave in halong Bay VietnamSung Sot Cave means Suprised Cave or Wonderful Cave in Halong Bay, was found in 1901 by the French. 

There are two patritions in Sung Sot cave. The primary one is much like a theater corridor with many stalactites hanging from the excessive ceiling. A slender passage results in the second chamber, the place a stream of pure mild bathes the surfaces. The sunshine is filtering in from above by a big oepning making a pure skylight, this opening additionally serves because the exit from the cave. 

The deepest level of this chamber a “royal backyard” seems with a transparent pond and a captivating panorama of small mountains. Many birds and vegetation right here.

Sung Sot cave covers some 10,000 m2. There are millions of stalactites and stalagmites alongside the 500-meter paved passage. Gentle posts line the passage and illuminate the wonderful surroundings. Spotlights of assorted colours are positioned in such a strategy to be unobtrusive and add to the enchantment of the grotto.

Sung Sot cave is about 30 metres excessive, the partitions and innumerable cracks and crevices are proof of tens of millions of years of spectacular pure creation. Near the exit a mammoth formation stretches from ground to ceiling, tapering on the middle to kind a concave pillar that seems to be holding the ceiling in place. Strolling by the cave ones creativeness can run wild conjuring up every kind of improbable creatures and fanciful creations.