Halong Bay Cruise Recommendation: A guide to Halong Bay

Are you going to travel to Vietnam and looking for a Halong Bay Cruise? Refer to the tips below for Halong Bay Cruise recommendation to get the best holiday.

Halong Bay is 165 km away from the East of Hanoi. Today it is a tourist hotspot in Vietnam with million travellers every year. Halong Bay is recognized as a World Natural Heritage. Not just once, but twice. All is thanks to its natural magnificent beauty and geographical and geomorphologic values. There are hundreds of tours to Halong Bay. But most are cruise tours to bring tourists an adventurous feeling. With a cruise boat, tourists can reach all the most beautiful corners in Halong Bay.

If you are on an organized tour, you should not worry about travel plans, accommodation, foods and activities. But if you are not, this article will bring you some Halong Bay cruise recommendation and steps to pick the best Halong Bay cruise.

Step 1: How long your cruise is?

Halong Bay Cruise Recommendation

Cruise in Halong Bay is organized by the trip days and nights such as 2 days-1 night, 3 days-2 nights or 4 days-3 nights. There is another option that is no overnight with a half day travelling from Hanoi, Cat Ba island or Halong city to the Bay. There is also half day cruising. But it will be rushed and tiring for one-day travelling. Overnight cruise is more common for tourists to relax and enjoy the scenery in the Bay. Staying longer means tourists have more time to explore more the remote areas and have more outdoor activities.

Step 2: Where to go?

Halong Bay

Halong Bay includes 3 separated bays: Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay andLan Ha Bay. These bays have similar structure of limestone cliffs, peacefulness, caves and beaches. Actually, tourists too often are fixated on Halong Bay. This can lead to over crowds, which can ruin your trip. To avoid the crowd in Halong Bay. Let's go for Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay are good choices as well. If you want to go further, Cat Ba is an option for exploring the lush forest, white sand beaches and hills. You may check Era Cruise. It's one of the top recommend cruise to Lan Ha Bay.

Today it is easy to check the itineraries, Halong Bay cruise recommendation and feedbacks before deciding where you go. Do it if you want to have the best memories from a tour to Halong Bay.

Step 3: What’s included in a cruise tour?

As a common rule, the price should be included for all foods, activities (not including drinks). When you are checking for a tour itinerary, it is good to double check what’s included. Also don’t forget to check the daily activities to be sure that you are aware of what you have paid for.

Step 4: Check the status of cruise boats before booking

Lobby of overnight cruise Halong Bay

There are many types of boat styles, sizes and quality standards for cruising in Halong Bay. Before booking a cruise tour in Halong Bay, check some information of the boats in the list. Or at least some pictures and reviews of those through some Halong Bay cruise recommendation websites. One thing should be checked is that since 2012, Vietnamese government had required all the boats in Halong Bay to be painted in white. So if your boats are in dark colors; it means something is wrong. And you should choose to cruise in other boats.

The maximum number of passengers on each boat is also very important. As with a huge number of people can affect a lot on your cruising experiences and safety.

Step 5: Get your budget ready for unexpected problems

Restaurant of overnight cruise

Cruising means you are not on inland. But in the sea. Everything can be solved easily when you are in an in-land hotel but not on a boat. So be careful to check the full package tours: What’s included, the quality of food, accommodation, transportation and activities. This is necessary to avoid all problems as much as possible. It is good advice to prepare some extra budget for unexpected problems during your trips.

Step 6: Choose the reliable tour agency for your tours

Tourists travel to Vietnam can book tours through the hotels where they stay. But this option is not highly recommended among foreign tourists. It is also not a good idea to contact the cruise companies directly. Because the price is often higher than the price through an agency. The best idea is to choose a reliable tour agency Vietnam for booking.

So the question is how to define where a reliable tour agency is. To have more information on tours in Halong Bay and Halong Bay cruise recommendation, contact Origin Vietnam for the best support. Wishing you have a best overnight cruise trip in Halong Bay!

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