Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave is one of the most famous attractions in Halong bay. It's far from Bai Chay Dock about 5 km and 3,5 km from Tuan Chau Island. It has the ancient and unspoiled beauty with a lots of stalagmites and special shapes.

The ancient beauty of Dau GoThere are many beautiful cave in Halong Bay. Such as Trinh Nu Cave, Me Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave etc. Nevertheless, none of those can be large & big as Dau Go cave. If the Thien Cung cave is beautiful and colorful, This Cave has a majestic and ancient beauty.

How Dau Go Cave is unique?

The most beauty of this cave is so impressive that the book Merveille de Monde printed with French writer in 1938 called the Cave as Grotte des merveilles. With respect into the name Dau Go Cave, you will find 3 different explanations.

  1. In thithteen century the Mongolian came to Vietnam. the general Tran Hung Dao who lead Vietnamese prepare everything for fighting with Mongolian. He order his servant bring the wooden steak from mainland to this cave. They use this cave as a making weapon factory. They making steak in a day time and transfer to Bach Dan river in the night time. Vietnam soldiers to construct a battle to destroy the enemy's boat.
  2. This cave has a bow shape, thus, this is a sheltered area. In stormy days, fishermen frequently gathered here to avoid the weather. At the time they lived, they repaired their boats and left many wood pieces. Then they name for the cave as Dau Go.
  3. Thanks to livi within an island with the form of a giant timber tree, Dau Go Cave was named after the form of the island. Dau Go Cave has the breadth of 5, 000 m2.

the colorful inside the cave

The cave door is 17 meters wide and 12 meters high. We will reach to the cave at 27m high from the sea level. To created this cave the nature need spend almost 2 million years. The Cave has a complex of ancient structure. It exudes the ancient and unspoiled beauty with lots of stone columns and stalagmites. Due to having the open entrance, the cave has the high moisture, therefore, the fauna and flora are very diverse, particularly, mosses, ferns and timber trees. If you come to Vietnam winter holidays so visit Dau Go cave is a great ideal. It's will give you the best felling between outside and insides the cave.

In addition as a result of the strong evolution of the flora and flora, the cave entry has the blue colour with the form of the jellyfish. There are hundreds of giant stalactites hanging down like a strange cascade inside the cave. This is another feature of Dau Go cave in comparison to other caves in Halong.

image of Dau Go cave

The cave divided in to three part. The first one has a system of stalactites with lots of familiar images like lions, pythons, turtles, fighting cocks, etc. The 2nd part has a spectacular image of rocky islands. In the next area, many stone pillars were made by the nature. In the end of the Cave, there's a freshwater lake. Looking at the dome of the cave, there is shapes based on the creative thinking of every person. Some say these are the images of elephants, others inform these forms are images of deer and lions.

100 years ago, in 1918, Khai Dinh King and French Governor Albert Pierre Saraut on a trip to Halong Bay visited this amazing cave. Being surprised by the fairytale beauty of the Creator, Khai Dinh King composed a poem praises the beauty of Halong Bay and the Dau Go Cave. Then, a stele engraved the poem was erected in the left side of the Cave. Being known as Cave of Wonders with majestic beauty and the historic values.

Nowadays, Dau Go Cave is one of Halong's most attractions, that welcomed thousand visitors visiting every day.

Quick Tips:

  • Located near by Thien Cung cave - so most tourist they visit Thien Cung Cave. Not many tourist visit Dau Go cave. So if you like more quite with the nature beauty - So let's skip Thien Cung Cave.
  • This cave available for traveller do 1,2 or 3 days trip (But need to do private cruise)
  • If you are solo traveller - how can get information for this cave. Before entry the cave you can ask for tour guide (It's free - Tips are welcome at the end)

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