Xin Man

From the famous Bac Ha Sunday market, it takes another 45 km to cross the steep Lung Cai slope, cross the top of the Gio pass, and drop yourself into Nan Ma valley as beautiful as a water-color painting to reach Coc Pai town. From there, keep going another 25km of winding mountain road to reach Xin Man border gate - the most remote area of ​​Ha Giang.

How Xin Man is Unique?

Referring to Ha Giang, besides famous tourist destinations such as Dong Van, Hoang Su Phi or Meo Vac. It's definitely impossible not to mention the western land of the province which is Xin Man. Xin Man is one of the poorest district of the province. But with the consensus of the Party Committee and ethnic minorities. It's changing day by day; in which tourism is focused on developing and promising many new successes. With the beautiful, peaceful and majestic nature of the mountains and the cultural characteristics of ethnic groups. Xin Man is a land with great tourism potential.

How to go to Xin Man?

Referring to Xin Man is to mention a remote locality, difficult roads. But overcome the way back to traffic, visitors will experience the unique landmarks. Can mention the impressive tourist attractions have marked in the hearts of visitors.

There are originally two roads leading to Coc Pai from Bac Ha market, a long old muddy road that had been repaired about 25km long with an inter-district that you can travel by car, the other road is only a grade road. coordinating the slippery moss-covered village all year round, going up forever and not knowing where the top is named Lung Cai.

From Coc Pai, the road to the border market (Xin Man border gate) is 25 km . But not as difficult as before. Asphalted roads have led to the border. The majestic road, winding through the slopes like a silk strip leading to the sky with sharp bends and elevations.

Sightseeing in Xin Man

From the territory of Quang Binh district along provincial road 178, the first stop is Khuon Lung commune. Come here you will have chance to see a peaceful scenery and containing many cultural and historical sediments associated with the Tay people, with poetic and fresh scenery. Khuon Lung is a destination for those who love the tranquility and silence of the pristine mountains and gentle people. Visitors to Khuon Lung will be immersed in the pure space of the Tay people in Na Rang village of community-based cultural and tourism village with 8 households to build an ideal for homestay service.

The beauty in the south of Xin Man

In the south of Xin Man district. There is another interesting tourist destination waiting to be discovered. That is Quang Nguyen commune - a commune with the largest area of ​​the district, separated from the main traffic axis. Amidst the immense mountains and forests of the Northwest, Quang Nguyen appears with a valley with streams and green fields densely peaceful. With the Nam Choong mineral spring tourist resorts is an appropriate stop. It's a great place for those who love to explore and experience the native culture and wild nature.

Especially, with the high mountainous terrain and still retaining a rich variety of vegetation, this is a suitable destination for developing adventure tourism and exploring mountains. Another special feature of Quang Nguyen is the diverse cuisine.

"Those who have never gone to Gio Pass have not come to Xin Man". It's a saying that professional travelers have shared each other about the most colorful and poetic route in Ha Giang. Gio Pass is located in Nam Dan commune - one of the key tourist development area in Ha Giang. Passing Gio Pass is to experience a road with wild mountains, clouds covered year-round. Great immerse yourself in the cool climate and admire the ancient trees of thousands of years old.

Gio Pass - the highlights one in Xin Man

Gio Pass - Tien Waterfall and Ancient Rock Beach with mysterious patterns, Nam Diem is a place that anyone coming to Xin Man would like to visit once. Nam Dan is the locality with the most potential for developing the district's most discoverable tourism experience. With its cool year-round climate and charming scenery plus the advantages of rivers and streams as a stepping stone to develop Ha Giang tours discovery.

The beauty of Nan Ma

Nan Ma high point is one of the most attractive places on the North Pole. This place has an altitude of over 1,000 m, the gateway connecting Lao Cai tourism and Ha Giang tourism. There is Thien Thuy cave, majestic and fanciful national level. Especially Nan Ma historical relics associated with a glorious historical period and many poetic sights. With the majority of Mong people, Nàn Ma commune still retains many indigenous cultures, annually festivals. Such as the forest feasts and the Gầu Tao festival are solemnly and solemnly organized by people. And of course, mentioning Xin Man tourism, it is impossible not to mention Coc Pai, a mountain town, with its topography.

Travel beauty in Coc Pai

Coc Pai is one of the most beautiful and magnificent towns of the province. From Suoi Thau steppe with endless fields. The rustic trees on the back of the mountain are the tourist stops in the territory of Coc Pai town. Coc Pai is also good destination for many visitors with the night market. Where performing arts activities, introducing indigenous culture and local cuisine.

In addition to the above-mentioned destinations. Xin Man district also has many localities with unique terrain and indigenous culture. Such as Ban Diu commune - the cultural cradle of La Chi people with Khu Cu Te New Year's Day in July lunar calendar every year. Especially Coc Re commune still has many pristine beauty, gentle people and spiritual activities associated with the mountains, or a rugged but attractive Pa Vay Su. Xin Man commune has Xin Man - Do Long Border Gate as suitable places for tourists who love ecotourism and adventure tourism.

It seems like it is still deserted and poorly backward. But the land in the west of Ha Giang province - Xin Man District has all the advantages to be able to make a spectacular breakthrough in tourism development, contributing to improving the cultural life. Chemical-social of ethnic minorities here. Origin Vietnam Ha Giang tour will bring beautiful routes, take visitors to and fully explore this wonderful land of the country.

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