Thung Cave

Thung Cave is a new cave with a system of stalactites and colorful natural stones located in Bach Ngoc commune, Vi Xuyen district. This cave promises to be an attractive destination for visitors. Because of the system of extremely dangerous nooks and crannies, with waterfalls, ponds, lakes inside cave...

How Thung Cave is unique?

Until now Thung Cave does not know when it was discovered and why it has such a strange name. Only know on the middle of the mountain ranges running along a commune with a hole should be called the cave. In the cave there are many dark nooks and crannies, with many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites; dumps sprouting from under rock crevices, water oozing from the cliffs above; waterfalls from dozens of meters down to the cave...

Right from the mouth of the cave is a fairly large cave, high arches and spectacular stalactites due to the natural light. Further in, many sections crawling through the rocks will encounter puddles, the skylight is always supplemented with clear, cool drops of water along the stalactites from the cave walls.

Special thing, is the highlight of the main cave of Thung cave with the height of more than 20m. Then flowing down to the bottom of the cave. Which is very sparkling and magical when light shines on. Going deeper into the cave, the stalactites, puddles, waterfalls. This is the enchanting highlight of the cave also for tourists who love to explore, adventure...

The enchanting attraction of the cave is of geographical, tectonic and geological values. This is the attraction from what is pristine and intact, which the Creator has bestowed on this land.

At the same time, if combining the national archaeological relics of Nam Dau Pagoda, Ngoc Linh commune with the system of Thung cave and Bach Ngoc commune. This will be an ideal destination for travelers. adventure tourism, eco-tourism and spiritual culture.

Travel to Ha Giang with discover Thung cave, your adventure tours in Ha Giang will be wonderful ever. Let's contact Origin Vietnam team for all things need to know before travel Ha Giang also memorable trip.

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