Sung Khanh Pagoda

Situated on the top of a hill on the Lo river, the Sung Khanh pagoda is an ancient. It's the most sacred place in Ha Giang.

The Sung Khanh Pagoda (Nung Village Pagoda) is located in Nung village, Dao Duc commune, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province, 9km from Ha Giang city center.

Sung Khanh Pagoda

How Sung Khanh pagoda is unique?

The Sung Khanh pagoda is a Buddhist shrine from the rare Tran Dynasty left. The pagoda is made of wood, roofed and was erected in 1356. However, this old pagoda has been ruined for a long time. In order to preserve historical and spiritual values, in 1989, Sung Khanh pagoda was donated, embellished and built by people in the area. The present pagoda of Chongqing is located on the old pagoda but smaller and lower, and is the place for pilgrims to cross.

With simple architecture, the pagoda is built in the shape of "Nhat". It's only one main hall with an area of ​​26m 2, 4.3m high. The pagoda has a main door and two side doors, a brick wall, a tiled roof and a wall. The main entrance is a place of worship built of pedestals to put some of the altars. On the altar there is a picture of the Buddha statue of Quan Yin instead of Buddha statue.

On the left side of the altar is a stone tablet. Where the merits of those who contributed to the construction of this pagoda. Beer is high architectural value by the architecture, unique carvings. The beer has a height of 0.09m, width 0.05 and on the carved brass carvings of Buddha Ba Guan Yin. On the face of the beer is engraved letter written by the students of the Phoenix, Thuc Lui writing in March 1367.

In addition to the stone stele, Sung Khanh Pagoda also has a bell molded at the pagoda, Le dynasty (1705), the bell is hang on the right of the altar. Bell with a height of 0.90m, the mouth of the bell carved a lot of sophisticated patterns.

On the 3rd, 4th lunar year, relatives in the region gathered here to open spring festival. The people organized many games with the traditional ethnic identity. Such as throwing, pulling, interlaced with some modern sports games like volleyball, football...

Sung Khanh pagoda is a tourist attraction in Ha Giang. Because this pagoda has a beautiful position with its back leaning on the low mountains, the pagoda faces east with wide fields and the stream flows through Bich, two mountains follow the dragon, admiration, far away in front of the river is bending along with Highway 2 along the highway.

Sung Khanh Pagoda

In 1993, the pagoda listed as the historical monument. Until 1999 the pagoda is recognized as historical national level. With the permission of Ha Giang People's Committee, in 2008, the pagoda received 6 statues of buddhist buddha in Hanoi. The Museum of Culture and Information of Vi Xuyen district in cooperation with the Dao Duc Commune People's Committee, held the procession and peace of the Buddha image on the historical monument of Chongqing.

Sung Khanh Pagoda has high historical value with unique historical and architectural monuments. It's become a spiritual destination to attract tourists inside and outside the province. Also the Pagoda is a spiritual place in the land of the country.

Together tours to Ha Giang explore the architecture and historical value Sung Khanh Pagoda for a better understanding of Vietnamese traditional values. It's one of the interesting Vietnam vacation spots. If you want to know more information and activities to this pagoda, please contact us.

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