Quang Minh Lake

Life is more chaotic, anxiety that makes us feel tired and want to find a new land to for experiences. For those who love to adventure travel.

They usually choose the tourist route Ha Giang as the most highlight place of the journey. The first land has many new things, in which, explore the local ecotourism. Such as Quang Minh lake tourist resort, is also one of the activities bring a lot of exciting experience.

How Quang Minh Lake is unique?

Situated between the town of Bac Quang and Quang Minh. Quang Minh lake is a beautiful sweet natural beauty with great tourism potential. Lake has a water surface of nearly 40 hectares and sandwiched between the green hills as a giant natural air conditioning in the region.

Since the establishment and the known. Many travel agents when organizing or introducing tour to Ha Giang for tourists. They always mention of Quang Minh eco-tourism as one of the most interesting place to visit.

Over the years, Quang Minh Lake has attracted many visitors to visit, enjoy the scenery here. On the lake as bright as a mirror in a wide area. Discovery the lake by boat is the great experiences. Because the boat travels smoothly surfing between the floating water, clouds sky. Landscape on the lake changes from time to time. But the shade of Quang Minh Lake is still recognized as a watercolor picture. Early in the morning, the scene of the lake appears on the board in the fog, the palm fringed with the sound of the boat rafts of fishermen as a trip up the mountains between the paintings.

Come to Quang Minh Lake after a series of hard days, you can vent the worries, the burden of work to mix in a quiet space. On the lake, the stilt house of the ethnic minority under the green forest canopy, giving us a sense of peace. With great beauty and potential, Quang Minh Lake has been and is being planned by Bac Quang district, investing and building a long-term tourism development strategy.

The tour to Ha Giang has been and still is one of the many travelers want to make the most time when exploring the North of the country. Ha Giang with destinations such as Quang Minh Eco-tourism will be interesting and valuable point to bring visitors memorable moments. This charming space is a great place to make anyone feel good about themselves.

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