Phin Ho Village

Ha Giang has become a popular destination for many tourists. Ha Giang tourist destination conquered by rocky mountains, rugged rice terraces or ripe green tea. Phin Ho Village is one of the most interesting destinations to be mentioned when it comes to Ha Giang.

Phin Ho village

How Phin Ho isSpecial?

At present, there are many Ha Giang trekking trip you can see where the tour organization to Ha Giang. Therefore, the opportunity to come to this land has more to discover than before. Once you get here, do not forget to spend time with Phin Ho. Phin Ho village in Hoang Giang district of Ha Giang province where the natural area of 77ha, and is home to 44 households of more than 200 Dao people. Phin Ho village is in the highland and the most remote, so most of the people are still difficult. But Phin Ho is always a friendly destination that many people remember.

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What to see in Phin Ho Village?

Referring to Phin Ho. The first thing to mention is the famous San Tuyet tea tree. Which is the ancient tea tree hundred years old. This specialty gift that givento the people here. With cool climate, fresh nature and abundant water source. San Tuyet tea leaves are large, leaves and buds are white as snow.

Shan Tuyet tea in Phin Ho village

Dao people in Phin Ho village are the owners of more than 120 ancient tea trees. Which are the legacy of many generations of Dao people left before. From the famous tea leaves. The local people processed into the tea, blue tea, green tea buck... associated with culture from many generations. With the Dao here, theSan Tuyet tea trees associated with their life. So they see the tea tree as a loved one should be protected and preserved.

Besides the typical San Tuyet tea. Come to Phin Ho Village visitor will have opportunity to explore the unique cultural identity of the Dao. Phin Ho is a land of living, established with Dao ethnic people from many generations to form many customary customs.

Among these certainly can not ignore the fire dance festival - a cultural feature is preserved, handed down for a long time. The fire-fighting festival of Phin Ho is usually held in January every year. This is a ritual that confirms the maturity of the Dao men with many unique ceremonies.

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The tour Ha Giang to Phin Ho is to find new features in the rocky plateau. Peaceful moments here will surely help visitors forget the busy, torn life of life. Come to Phin Ho to enjoy a sip of San Tuyet tea. Immerse yourself in the unique culture, or catch the friendly smile, will definitely be a memorable Vietnam tour journey!

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