Ma Pi Leng

Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang is a dangerous road of about 20 km over the peak of Ma Pi Leng, a mountain peak. about 1,200m high in the Dong Van Plateau, on the road named Hanh Phuc Street connecting Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac.

Ma Pi Leng

How Ma Pi Leng pass is unique?

The peak of Pi Leng is in the three plains of Pa Lung, Pa Vi and Xie Cai (Meo Vac, Ha Giang) in the Dong Van Plateau. It's about 2,000 m above sea level, formed by a series of limestone deposits shale, silt containing fossils about 426 million years ago. There are including many slides and cracks caused by mountain formation. The landscape of this area is rocky, with the deep of the Nho Que River as a split pair of peaks and the Pun Pun (Sam Pun) on either side.

Coming to this place, visitors to Ha Giang tour not only have the opportunity to admire the majestic scenery of the rocky plateau. But also understand the history of this majestic mountain pass better. This is considered one of the historic passes because to build the Ma Pi Leng pass section connecting Ha Giang with the provinces downstream. The workers had to work very hard during 6 years to build the road by themselves. Mostly done by rudimentary tools and without any support of machines, even they always face danger and death.But willing to resolve the people here have successfully built "Pyramid of the Hmong people ”.

The local people on Ma Pi Leng pass

The border crossing point and the border gate are from Xin Xin to Tianjin, China. French scholars, hundreds of years ago, called the peak of Mt. Ma Pi Leng in particular and the Global Geological Park of the Dong Van Plateau is generally a "geologic monument". Passing on Ma Pi Leng Pass overlooking deep pool, Nho Que River just as a thread. If you wants to reach the water of the river, it will take more than a day.

How to go to Ma Pi Leng Pass?

To get to Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang tour from Hanoi you can choose transportation by bus or motorbike.

For young people who are passionate about traveling. You can choose to travel by motorbike. But the road to go up of the pass is quite dangerous. So it requires you to choose the right vehicle and the driver must have a hard steering wheel to ensure safety during the trip. Do not forget to bring extra gasoline and repair equipment. Because the way to the pass is very high and steep. If your motorbike has trouble it is difficult to find a repairing place.

Along the way to the top of the pass. You will have the opportunity to admire the majestic natural scenery of the northeastern mountains of Vietnam. Also it's a great time to take landscape photos the rolling mountains, terraced fields, small houses along the road, an idyllic but beautiful scene in the eyes of visitors.

If you cannot afford to travel by motorbike. You can choose Ha Giang loop tour from Hanoi by coach with experienced drivers who cross the rugged passes to ensure the safety of your trip. .

Passenger bus to Ha Giang will depart from My Dinh, Gia Lam bus station. So you should contact the garage to book tickets in advance.

Things to prepare when conquering Ma Pi Leng pass

+ Clothes

If you go in the summer you should bring cool, comfortable clothes, so bring long pants to avoid insect bites.

In the winter, bring warm clothes, wool scarves, gloves to keep the body heat. Because the temperature is quite low at high latitudes.

+ Hiking shoes

You should choose climbing shoes with good anti-slip, soft toes will help you not hurt your foot when moving.

+ Fastfood

You should bring a little fast food in case of hunger. Because when approaching Ma Pi Leng pass area, it will be difficult to find restaurants.

+ Medicines

On the way to Ha Giang from Hanoi, it is hard to avoid being rubbed when passing through the bushes, or stumbling because on the pass, the medical condition will be quite difficult. You should take the initiative to bring your belongings Use medical necessity just in case you need it.

When is the best time to conquer Ma Pi Leng pass?

Ha Giang is like the "muse" of the mountains, with the softness, clarity and tranquility of nature bestowed on this place. Whether you go to Ha Giang holiday in any season of the year you can watch full scent of the mountains here.

January to March, the time after the Lunar New Year is always chosen by many people to travel for spring. This is also the time for apricot, plum and yellow mustard flowers to bloom. Watching the scenery of Ha Giang from the top of Ma Pi Leng pass will appear before the eyes of visitors a brilliant picture of spring day, full of life with the vibrant colors of flowers mixed with gentle colors of apricot petals, plum blossoms.

If you want to participate in Khau Vai love market. Please visit Ha Giang at April every year, participating in the fair. Come here you will have the opportunity to better understand the traditional culture of the local people.

Visit Ha Giang on the occasion of May. It's the flooding season, from the top of Ma Pi Leng you will admire a mural with deep. But extremely attractive colors created from terraced fields. The flooding season, when people lead water from ravines and streams to terraced fields to allow water to gradually seep into the soil and prepare for transplanting.

June to August is a great time to conquer the passages and explore the majestic rock plateaus. This season in Ha Giang is cool, not too hot, making it more convenient for you to explore places and conquer the craggy peaks.

In September, Ha Giang becomes more vibrant and attractive than ever, with golden terraced fields when entering the ripe rice season. Travel along the path to the top of Ma Pi Pass. You will have chance to see the golden fields in the deep forest of mountains.

In October and November. When the triangular flower petals begin to hatch. Travel on this time gives visitors a peaceful feeling, the soul becomes calmer when dropping soul among the fields of triangle flowers stretching to the horizon.

In December, the weather started to get colder at this time when the yellow mustard flowers in full bloom in a corner of Ha Giang and gradually covered the rocky plateaus with their brilliant yellow.

Name and characteristics of Ma Pi Leng Pass

The amazing view from Ma Pi Leng pass

Ma Pi Leng is the Chinese name for literally the "horse nose" literally. But in the sense of the name. This refers to the greatest danger of the top of the mountain. Where the mares climb to the top of the concha, where the slope is so high that the passing horse must stop breathing, or the vertical peaks. However, according to some indigenous Hmong, the proper name of the Pass is Ma Pi Leng, meaning "cats nose". Also the local people say as truly Ha Giang must go to Ma Pi Leng.

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Ha Giang Tour 3 days from Ha Noi

Ma Pi Leng is known as the most famous mountain pass in Ha Giang with winding roads with steep cliffs. But when arriving at the top of the pass. You will feel the scenery is wonderful. Seen from above, the winding roads around the green hills are like soft silk strips that guide visitors to the top of the pass, and in the distance are the mountain peaks hidden in the white clouds. paint a spectacular scene appears in the eyes of visitors. Follow us to conquer this beautiful peak, surely this will be an extremely interesting journey!

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