Lung Phin Market

Ha Giang is a land has known for markets. That embodies the culture of the people residing here. Among well known markets is Lung Phin market, a market to trade products and the love marketplace for young men and women. Lung Phin market is located on Lung Phin town, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province. Where focusing cultural minorities.
Lung Phin Market

How Lung Phin Market is unique?

Lung Phin market is usually opens on the days of Monkey and days of Tiger follow lunar calender months. The market is not operate same as Bac Ha Sunday market or other markets in Vietnam. Because it's held each week in turn occurring days of Monkey and days of Tiger. A land sufficient to display a good deal of things. Where buyers and sellers are free to trade though the sector is quite crowded. It's not only call market but also call it's committee central of the local people here and the exceptional backward market at the northern of Vietnam.

And also the market in turn occurring 16 ethnic groups living on the rocky highlands of Ha Giang . The local people here call it as backward market. Today prepare forthe market. Lung Phin market only takes place in day, starting quite early when the sun isn't up, the marketplace crowded, from 4 to 5 am and not to 3 - 4 pm.

From the dawn of the market, individuals From the dawn of the market, products to market from all villages in the district of Lung Phin and neighboring areas bring baskets of a few of them utilize the horses, motorbikes. The kids follow their mothers to help mothers deliver things to the marketplace. In Lung Phin, market there are many things on sale. The food items like rice, veggies, meat, household products, materials for culture, clothing, textiles. There are a few materials for culture, clothing, textiles industry just one poultry, a dozen eggs, or just several bundles of sugarcane, veggies in the gardens.

Particularly specialty things. Such as mint honey, Lung Phin snow tea, mountains chicken, Brocade. Preferred by travelers, they are mint honey, Lung Phin snow tea. With the exchange of products women in remote villages traveling things of Lung Phin markets fans. They go to the love marketplace they go to the love fresh and nice. Visiting the market, you'll encounter the young women and men as an opportunity for them to dress up. Spend some days tour in Ha Giang. Visitor'll have the opportunity to see the Hmong village women in beautiful flowery garments or jewellery on the Red Dao women. All are blended with one another to create an area in the current market, a picture that is colorful.

Ha Giang - Lung Phin market

To Lung Phin market, visitors will see a feature of a market. Everybody goes to the market for trading, once buying sufficient, they'll settle-back at the market for food and eat thang co. It's similar to eating lunch at home and after that they go back home. There are so a lot of people who don't want to come home after going to the market and have a date within the upcoming markets.

How to get to Lung Phin Market?

Location: 35 km from the city center of Dong Van and 15 km from the city of Meo Wats. It's following Dong Van Road - Meo Vac - Yen Minh.

Your North Vietnam travel will be more memorable at Origin Vietnam if you could spend few days to visit Lung Phin Market.

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