Cam Son Mountain

Situated in Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province. Cam Son Mountain is one of the most famous tourist spot in Ha Giang province. Visitor come here shouldn't miss.

How Cam Son Mountain is special?

Cam Son Mountain runs along the slopes of Ma Tim with rugged terrain, steep cliffs, as a lion with imposing stance. From the top, Cam Son runs to the Lo River is mountain land, the slope mountain slopes stretching from 19/5 to 26/3 square. At the foot of the mountain are crowded residential streets, crowded. However, the people of Ha Giang rarely see the natural beauty that the mystery of Cam Son because there is only one road to the top of the mountain.

Hmong in Cam Son Mountain

At the top of the mountain there is a deep cave, vertical like a "Heaven well". With this unique and rugged terrain, the French colonialists chose this place as the main gate. According to legend, around 1870 - 1875, Ha Giang province has gold army team of Hoang Sung Anh pulled to looting, the army of ethnic people is "white piece" fight back fierce, siege, pursuit In 1875, the yellow flag of Hoang Sung Anh was clustered, running up the Forbidden Mountain to entrench. Food exhausted, around the Forbidden Mountain was surrounded closely, know can not escape. Both generals and gold pieces jump into the mountain deep cavity suicide.

With generosity and compassion, local people set up small shrines, praying for the unhappy souls to escape. Mountain became more sacred place. Later, the shrine is no longer available, the local people have returned to worship at "Cam Son Mountain" (Cam Temples). At the top of the mountain there are still traces of deep caves, tunnels, French basements.

Cam Son Mountain

In recent years, Ha Giang has a policy to exploit the potential of Cam mountain for economic, cultural and social development. Cam Son Mountain has been built large television tower and some cultural tourism institutions.

From the bottom of the mountain (Yen Bien 2 bridge). We can ride motorcycles, cars to the middle of the mountain. Continue walking along the path of concrete piles zigzag along the mountain side. Special wriggled through the cracks of the cat loin, standing on the deep chasm with thick rattan wires, tourists will return to the line. Here you will find the historical mark of Cam Son. It's exactly truly Ha Giang.

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