Bac Me

Being a district town in the east of Ha Giang province. Bac Me is considered as a potential factor to promote tourism in the province with the historic Cang Bac Me historical site. Especially the poetic and peaceful river of Gam river... Every day, Bac Me is making endless efforts to put its name on the tourist map of Ha Giang.

How Bac Me is Unique?

Although quite affected by the harsh climate, moss has covered the landscape of the National Historic Site of Cang Ba Me. But that has partly made the quiet and ancient look here. Many people wonder about the name of this monument. Stretch in French means garrison. Previously, Cang Bac Me was a small garrison of French soldiers with the purpose of controlling traffic on the Ha Giang - Tuyen Quang - Cao Bang route. After 1939 there were built more quarters to detain the captured but undelivered revolutionary soldiers.

Not only has great historical significance. Cang Bac Me is also a tourist destination that many tourists love to explore. Because it still retains ancient moss styles and does not have the shadow of trade and commercialize.

Besides the stretch of Cang Bac Me, the peaceful Gam river has contributed greatly to the appearance of a peaceful Bac Me. The Gam River originates in the rugged mountainous region of more than two thousand meters from China's Yunnan Province. Then passing Cao Bang into Vietnam. The section of the Gam river running through Bac Me has created charming scenery in the wild and majestic mountains. Between the two hills and high hills. Gam river flows softly like a silk ribbon more than two hundred kilometers through Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang and merges into Ca River to become a rare and majestic Lo River. With the impressive green water of highland rivers and Gam river running through Bac Me. It's creating wonderful cultural spaces of festivals, sports, tourism and beliefs.

Festivals in Bac Me.

Every year, whenever the water season is quiet (from September to April of the following year), the North Vietnamese government and people love to organize rafting festivals. Because it's time to pray for rain. Also a vibrant river god, contributing to the culture imbued with traditional identities. It's attracting a large number of people in the surrounding areas as well as cross-tourists to visit and experience. Taking advantage of local advantages, recently, Bac Me government has organized many tours to explore the Gam River by boat for travel agencies to coordinate tours to develop the economy as well as local tourism.

Combining the advantages of unspoiled nature, unique indigenous cultures, ancient historical sites. Bac Me deserves to be an interesting and worthwhile destination on the way travelers take part in the Ha Giang tour. Come to the famous pristine rock plateau.

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