Van Village

A quality trip must include all three elements: fun, healthy and safe. You want to travel to Van village Da Nang is not only complete but also quality with interesting experiences, memorable. Then, immediately find out the necessary notes when traveling Van village in Da Danang.

How Van village is special?

Van Village is a small village lying under the foot of Hai Van pass, isolated with the city of Da Nang. Previously, Van Village is home to a section of leprosy. After leprosy has cured, the villagers return to integrate into the community. At the same time, Van Village becomes a "mysterious" beauty that stimulates the desire of many people.

Van Da Nang village is beautiful and unspoiled despite the traces of people living here. The harmony between the wild landscape and the remnants of the ruined houses have made the beauty very private image. Van village is becoming an ideal tourist destination in Da Nang.

What to bring?

Because Van Village is separate from Da Nang City, so you will not be able to find anything when you come here. Consequently, the delegation must buy ready and bring the items, utensils, food needed...

  • Personal Items Needed When Traveling In Van Village

Personal papers, clothing (bring bathing suit), slippers, toothbrush + toothpaste, face towel, hat, blanket, sunscreen ...

  • Needed when traveling Van Village

Tents, silver plates, drinking water (3 liters / person for 2 days / 1 night), medicine, lighters, flashlight (each one), etc. cold but there are many mosquitoes in Van village. We would like to suggest you Danang travel agent here.

  • Eating

For more exciting trips, there should be cooking. For any dish that needs cooking, just cook, spice first at home. Go to cooking / baking only. You can choose to make delicious barbecue, duck porridge, ... You should buy more bread, sandwich and noodles, sweet potatoes or squid / dried fish to carry. Equipment to carry pot, bucket to store food and ice. In addition, there are knives, spices, grills (if needed).

How to go to Van Village?

Currently, there are 2 ways to go to Van Village.

  • By Boat

This is the most conveniences way. You can enjoy the sun on the sea while relaxing leisurely. You can rent a boat on the coast of Nguyen Tat Thanh and then go 30 minutes to reach Van Village. However, the crew must hire a boat suitable for the number of people, each person when the boat must wear a life vest in case of sudden occurrence.

  • By road

Climbing: The way to spend most energy and time. A normal walk will take 1 hour to reach the campsite. When traveling you should only bring the necessary belongings. Each member has their own bottle of water 0.5 - 1 liter. Should be soft, with a good grip. A person walking in front of a person after 0.5m. When walking, it should be noted each other, so the trip will be easier and safer.

Passing through the hatch: This is the most adventurous way of remaining. Would you like to think about this? On the journey you will go through a tunnel 1 km long, dark and always in the possibility of encountering the train suddenly. If you choose this way, the number of members in the delegation should not exceed 10 people. Everyone should walk close (and then hold hands) and close to the cellar wall, take the battery pass to see the way. Be aware of the high altitude because when the ship into the tunnel will be difficult to hear the sound of the train running.

What to Expect When Traveling to Van Village

Each member of the delegation must bring identification. Group must register temporary residence at the border station in Van village. So, the new trip is safe and you can be more secure when playing.

Encourage camping groups near the border guard station. As you can get extra water and can take a fresh water bath (5k / person). On the other hand, it will be safer.

Especially because Van village is wild and natural. At night you can go to catch crabs, cuffs,... At the same time, you also take precautions against snakes, some poisonous insects.

Depending on the health of the delegation you choose the appropriate campsite. Each village of Van Village has its own beauty. However, because this is a large area, the members should be careful when playing and note each other.

Some plants are very poisonous. You should not be curious to pick or try fruit that you do not know. Especially not to go alone.

With the shared experience of note required when travel to Van Village on, hope will help travel Your Van Village not simply relax, entertain, but also safe.

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