Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula with an area of ​​4,370 hecta, just a 13.5km long mountain range. It's located to the Northeast of Da Nang city, creating a wall of storms preventing the Da Nang seaport. Wind, where anchor boats are safer.

How Son Tra Peninsula is unique?

Monkey at Son Tra Penisula

Son Tra Peninsula is an ecotourism destination. This place is almost always recommended when tourists talk about Da Nang tour. Let's start the journey to Son Tra Peninsula tour with Origin Vietnam.

Son Tra Peninsula is a privilege that nature has generously given to Da Nang. Son Tra and the mighty mountains of Hai Van covers Da Nang city and Da Nang bay. Tourists coming to Son Tra Peninsula will be amazed by the nature and wildlife in this place. It is such a wonderful destination where tourists can both climb up the mountains to explore the Son Tra forest. And go to the beach to play games and enjoy the sun and breeze of the sea. Here are what you need to know about Son Tra Peninsula to prepare for your holiday in Da Nang.

The location of Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is the end point of the Truong Son (North) Mountains, straight into the East Sea with Hai Van Mountain. Son Tra has the highest peak of 696 m while the length from East to West is about 15 km. The widest coast is about 6 km and the narrowest one is 2 km. The circumference is about 50 km. The area of ​​4439 ha, is the giant shield as well as the green lung chamber of Da Nang city.

Nature and wildlife in Son Tra Peninsula

The fauna and flora of Son Tra is quite diverse. There are more than 100 species, especially the primate specie langurs. These brown legs animals are the rare specie that are almost extinct in the world. But here there are more than 300 langurs. Tourists will be able to discover the animals listed in the Red Book in the Son Tra forest. In addition, there are other precious animals such as long-tailed macaque, golden macaque and python.

There are 289 species of higher plants belonging to 217 genera, 90 families. There are 64 species of big trees, 107 species of medicinal plants and ornamental plants. There are endemic species of the Indochinese peninsula which are now found only in Son Tra Peninsula such as Dipterocarpus alatus, Combretum quadrangulare, Medusagyne oppositifolia... And many kinds of fruit trees such as Baccaurea, Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, Melaleuca... Due to natural characteristics, in 1980, Son Tra peninsula was recognized as a Special Conservation Area. It is strictly protected under the name of "Son Tra Nature Reserve".

The conservation and protection of the fauna and flora of Son Tra peninsula is not only significant in terms of biodiversity protection. But also directly contributes to the long-term conservation of a port city. Having natural forests in service of the needs of sightseeing, Eco tourism, convalescence and cultural activities. That the reason why Son Tra Forest is included in the national special-use forest system called Son Tra Nature Reserve.

Legend of Son Tra peninsula

Panorama of Son Tra Penisula

Once upon a time a go. This place was a land of many beautiful, green four-season trees, ash birds, birds of peace with the sound of the stream and the sound of sea waves. This scene has attracted the sky in the sky to fall down. The first time he played chess, the fairies bathing or playing with the waves. Tien Sa was born from that.

It is still valuable today as an advice for everyone to be aware of the precious gift that nature has given generously to this land.

A very beautiful road linking tour Hoi An to the peninsula was built. This road has formed the resort, luxury hotels. A pagoda named Linh Ung with a bold national architecture was completed in July 2010.

Major sightseeing places in Son Tra Peninsula

1: Huge chess board on top of Son Tra Mountain

Image Source: Internet

According to an ancient story, this place has such beautiful scenery that the Buddha often come down here to play chess. Therefore, it is called Ban Co Peak. Standing here, tourists can observe the city at an altitude of 630 m above the sea level. From a distance there is Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, a famous destination of Da Nang and the river branches: Cu De River, Han River...

2: Linh Ung Pagoda

Far away form the center of the city about 10 km, on the Son Tra Peninsula has a temple. It is considered as the convergence of heaven and earth - Linh Ung Pagoda. The temple faces the sea, on the right side is Hai Van, on the left side is Cu Lao Cham and far away is the Han River. At night, from this location looking down, tourists will able to see a long light trail of city lights. It is like a starburst in the night sky sparkling fancifully. This is like a marina, the ideal place to enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful city Da Nang. The highlight of the temple is the Quan Yin Bodhisattva statue located on the premises. The statue is 67m high and 35m wide. There are 17 layers with 21 Buddha statues with different shapes, facial expressions and postures. Not only impressive, the statue also attracts visitors with the very meticulous carpentry. This pagoda is the ideal destination for many tourists who travel to Vietnam.

3: Ngoc Island

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Ngoc Island has the location of an offshore outpost. So in the past, Ngoc Island was named as Ngu Hai Đai. Besides, the name Ngoc Island comes from a legend. When passing here, King Quang Trung really appreciated the beauty of white sand and blue water of this island. Therefore he had given the name to this small island. Ngoc island is 235 m above sea level. It is about 60,000m wide and surrounded by black rocky ridges.

You can also take part in fishing tours, coral tours or daily tours that is included in Da Nang tour. Moreover, if you love to stay here, there are many beautiful resorts here to choose.

Currently Son Tra Peninsula is a very popular tourist destination in Da Nang. If you have to chance to go on Da Nang tour - the best tour in Vietnam, do not forget this list of places to go in Son Tra Peninsula. This is a tourist destination worth exploring. For more information, you can contact Origin Travel.

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  • Not travel on this pass at weekend (The are many local tourist also Chinese tourist go here)

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