Man Thai Fishing Village

Man Thai fishing village is located on the foot of Son Tra mountain (Da Nang) and still retains its traditional features with a full life of a hundred years.
Man Thai Fishing village

How Man Thai fishing village is unique?

From the early morning, Man Thai fishing village alway bustling when the men exchanged remodeling to repair the boat. And the women 's wings were busy washing and mending their nets to prepare for the cruise.

By 5 am, outside the country, the water sprang up to the top.Where hundreds of fishermen beat the boat to the sea. Near the water's edge, the fishermen began pulling nets in the blazing light of dawn. The men stretched themselves to pull the net, their hands fast, steady steps on the edge of the wave. And on the shore, the women who were ready to take the burden, the basket of prawns prepared for the batch of fish were full.

In this Man Thai fishing village. There are many families go by boat to drop nets from 3 am. Every time you pull the net, it's the whole family. No matter how much the net catches, the laughter of the sound still crunches across the sea. Sometimes happiness is simply that ...

When the first nets were pulled up, the fishermen categorized the fish and sell them to the traders. The result after many hard efforts, getting up in front of the sun of nearly 15 people to pull up a batch of nets. Mostly spotted fish, also known as scad, small squid, and many other fish. Spot prices are very cheap, only from 3000 to 6000 VND / kg depending on type.

In the heart of the tourist city, the life here is simple, noisy. But here still a gentle atmosphere, a slow pace of living like a hundred years ago. Despite the hardship of life, the fishermen are always full of joy, the fish nets are more or less. But on their faces still smile gratefully to the sky and the sea.

When the sun began to rise, in the dense space filled with the strong smell of the fishing port and the heat of the tunnel rising from the beach, hundreds of villagers were still diligent. Occasionally, they stopped their hands, huddled, talked, laughed and quickly went to work again whenever a boat docked. Their work seems to be an endless cycle.

Dawn in Man Thai fishing village, that place shows the beauty of the fishermen with tanned skin color, the burning sun of the sea, the salt mixed with the fishy taste of seafood. Travel to Da Nang, come to Man Thai village is a great place for photographer where can hunt many beautiful photos of local life. Beside that if your holiday in Da Nang with family. Let's bring your children to visit this village. That would be good to show them about daily life activities in this fishing village.

It's great for

  • Photographer, family trip with children

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