Hai Van Pass

Not only is a place associated with many important historical values. Hai Van Pass is also a place that attracts visitors who are passionate about exploring the beautiful scenery captivating people. Admire the majestic beauty of Hai Van Pass along with ORIGINVIETNAM.COM

Hai Van Pass emerged on the blue sea of ​​the East Sea, stretching about 20 km from Hue to Da Nang. It is a high mountain pass along the 1600km coastline of Vietnam. For centuries, this pass has formed a wall between the ancient Cham culture in the south and the inheritance of the Vietnamese tribe in the Red River delta, the dividing line between literary influences from the north and south of Asia.

Hai Van Pass the most beautiful place in the center of Vietnam - where divided the weather of Vietnam in to two part

How Hai Van Pass is unique?

Today, Hai Van Pass is a climate barrier between North and South of Vietnam, There are 2 season in the South (Dry and rainy season) but 4 season in the North of Vietnam. Traveling to Da Nang along On Highway 1. You will feel the cool breeze while enjoying the wonderful scenery along the way to one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

From Da Nang City, Travel along National highway No1, We will cross Nam O Nam River. It's very close to to a famous village very famous making fish sauce. Starting from here, the road slopes upwards, like a white thread wrapped in green mountains, until it reaches the top. It's Amazing Scenery. Because from here you will see the whole bay and the city below appear suddenly, stunningly stunning. In the distance, white sand beach of Non Nuoc beach stretches to the horizon, beyond the boulders of Ngu Hanh Son.

Amazing view | Hai Van Pass

At an altitude of 496 meters, the pass of these oceanic clouds gives us breathtaking landscapes of the stretched coastline of Vietnam. These is a small temple worshiping a mountain god. Such as symbolized by a tiger statue - a lord of the forest. It's located on the top of the mountain. Along the pass you will see some small shrines to commemorate the victims.

The moss growing on the bunker - called the first. It was built by the French in 1826 to protect this strategic pass. It has been steadily on the side of the mountain for decades. It's can be controlled from the sides of the mountain from both sides. Most witnessed the rise of the Vietnamese people during the struggle against French. Then transferred to the US Army and the Vietnamese People's Army once used this ramp to shelling in Da Nang.

Image top of Hai Van Pass

Travel experience:

  • Being present at the top of the pass at sunrise or sunset can own beautiful photos and enjoy the best atmosphere of the day.
  • Along with friends to climb Hai Van Quan, sip coffee bought at the top of the Pass is also an interesting new experience.

The road starts down the slope for Da Nang tour package to Hue city. Looking from above, the road looks like a thread winding with lots of turns that make the feeling of endless road. But just when you start to lose hope, cars round the last turning point and a very spectacular landscape appears before your eyes: Beach and Lang Co fishing village.

Whether it is midway or the last point of the Da Nang tour. Lang Co beach is a great destination of the Hai Van Pass. From here onwards, you can comfortably admire the rice fields and tranquil villages along the the road going to Thua Thien Hue.

In the journey to conquer the Hai Van Pass , in addition to admiring the unique natural beauty here. Do not forget to record the beautiful "unique" moments. Hai Van Pass with challenging bends and a majestic beauty that captivates people will always be one of the places to be missed in Vietnam for any adventurer lover.

Hai Van Da Nang

How to go to Hai Van Pass?

Hai Van Pass is 20km from Da Nang city and 80km from Hue city. For convenience, you can move to Da Nang city by many means such as airplanes, trains, buses ... then rent a car to Hai Van Pass.

By cars: Since most of the current cars choose to go through the Hai Van pass tunnel, the transportation by car to pass the pass is quite limited.

By motorbike: This is the best means for you to fully experience the feeling of conquering Hai Van Pass. Moving by motorbike, you can flexibly stop at many places on the pass to enjoy the view, take photos, take a rest ... If it comes from Da Nang, after about 1 hour, you will reach Hai Van Pass.

It's great for

  • Solo traveller, Family private tour

Quick tips

Not travel on this pass at weekend (The are many young Vietnamese travel by motorbike on this pass)

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