Gieng Troi

Gieng Troi or The Heaven Well is a primitive forest in the West of Da Nang City. Situated in the middle of the mountainous forest of Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District. The area is near the top of the mountain.

How Gieng Troi is unique?

It's surrounding by trees and rocks, so even in the hot summer, the water in the well is always cool. Due to the deep in the mountain road obstacle so few people know so that the Gieng Troi is still the wild nature. To reach the this area, you can walk from the slope near the Cable car station of Ba Na Hill.

Gieng Troi Da Nang

The well just has known in recent years from the words of people who often go into the forest. Then there are some groups in the association "Solo Traveller" to conquer, discover. If walking from the foot of Ba Na mountain, this is actually a trekking (travel exploratory trip). Because visitor have to cross the mountain road more than 10 km long, which is about 3km difficult to go.

Beside the steep slopes, thick squirrels under the foliage, gai rattan, stone covered with moss slippery slippery... and the unpredictable campers somewhere around the mountain where the livelihood of the profession forest clearance, animals trap.

Biking to Gieng Troi

There are many sloping paths, pebbles and forest trees that are the entrance of the jungle into big alley. This is the most difficult road to travel because of the large, small pebbles lying on the road. Those who go to the Heaven well are very "afraid" this road.

Although the road is hard but those who have reached the Heaven well. It's the most interesting is not the conquest of the steep mountain road that is the pristine wilderness of the forest located in the west of Da Nang city. No honking noise of the streets, no shadow of a restaurant... Da Nang tour services here, only people and nature. This area is called the Great Sky because it has a green lake that is always full in the middle of the mountain with large waterfall all year round white water from the top down.

It is not worthwhile to come and drop into the cool blue of the water, the trees, the clouds of the sky to hear the sound of water flowing, the birds whispering, different from the noisy of everyday life.

Note: For discovering Gieng Troi we would like to recommend small group tours Vietnam only. Because if travel with big group. It's very hard to go together you may get lost during travel.

Food and Drinks:

There are no shops on this area and you might want to consider taking some snacks and water with you.

What to take:

I would recommend taking sunscreen, insect repellent, good hiking shoes than sandals, or flip-flops. Having a GPS on your phone and a map of the area is great, too. There are no good signs around so it’s easy to get lost.

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