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Arrive in Hue, stop at Dong Ba, go to Quang Tri and visit Dong Ha market. Con Market is not only the busiest market in Da Nang but also the whole Central region. Da Nang Con Market has long become a destination that any tourist should experience once. So Origin Vietnam will share with you to explore Da Nang Con Market. Hope our little experiences in this article will help your trip to Da Nang more interesting.

Where Is Con Market Located?

The address of Con Market is Than 3, Hung Vuong Trade Center, Hai Chau 1 ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city. Easier to visualize, Con market is located at the corner of Quang Trung and Ong Ich Khiem roads. Because in the city center, tourists are easy to find. The parking lot is concentrated on Ong Ich Khiem street.

Opening time

Con Market is open from 7 am to 7:30 pm. However, there are many eateries outside the market that continue to serve in the evening.

How is Con Market Unique?

Con market is quite large scale, including a 3-storey block, two blocks of 2-storey buildings and 6 market plots, which is a level 4 house.

Con market gathers all items from high school to high class. Tourists who come here often visit the dining area and the semi-dry specialty area is mainly. The culinary area of ​​Con market is quite famous for traditional Vietnamese dishes with diverse regions. Buying clothes, shoes,... at Con market is not really a good idea for tourists. Because if you do not know the price, you may be "sold out" when buying goods here.

Food Zone in Con Market Da Nang

There are two dining areas in Con Market located in and out of the market. If you come to Con market from 7 am to 3 pm, you should choose the food court inside the market. This place is called court food. The outside food area called street food, started to operate after 3pm.

Food Court - Indoor Food Zone

The inner area is divided by each corner closely to each other very neatly and cleanly. From outside, you will see two food chains divided into two sides. One side is sweets with tea, vitamins, fruits such as toads, tamarinds,... On the other side are countless salty items with vermicelli noodles, grilled meat vermicelli, various kinds of vermicelli, noodles, rice, ram , snails, buns, banh xeo, banh doi,... The counters here are all listed on the wall, prices range from 15,000 to 30,000 VND. Tourists who come here are all interested in eating "forget the way back".

Street Food - Outdoor Food Zone

Calling Street food is a "snacking paradise", it is not exaggerated at all. Nearly all snacks in Danang are here. Such as ram rolls, noodles, dried beef salad, banh beo,... Just a few small chairs and a small tummy, the saleswoman has a small place to serve customers.

Sitting at street food is cramped, crowded and not slowly enjoying. But having to eat quickly to give seats to the next person. However, the customers are still crowded and the seller still has to keep up the hand to serve. Perhaps because of the great deliciousness and cheapness, no one can resist their attraction.

A small tip is when you go to Con Market, you must definitely try banana tea, rub the pomegranate, break the porridge, vermicelli sauce,... well.

Dry Food Zone

If you are standing at the food street, the place is requisitioned in the middle to sell fast food. Then look to the side of the road where you can buy dried specialties as gifts.

The stalls selling specialty Da Nang for tourists making gifts are always busy and bustling buyers who sell. If you come to Con Market, you must buy something as a gift. It is a subtle way for you to express your affection to your Da Nang food tour loved one.

Market Con has existed there as an indispensable symbol of Da Nang city. Arrive in Hanoi, stop at Dong Xuan market, visit Saigon to visit Ben Thanh and Da Nang Con market is not to be missed when visiting the most livable city in Vietnam.

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