Ban Co

From the top of the Ban Co, the seaside city of Da Nang calmly bends its way along the romantic sea, seductive, leaning to relax as a fairy is dreaming in the middle of the sky.

Ban Co

Follow Origin Travel to find it out. Why Ban Co is so impressive for the visitor while Da Nang day tours. And How Ban Co is the most important sightseeing in Da Nang.

How is Ban Co impressive?

The top of Ban Co is located on Son Tra Peninsula. It's about 700 meters above sea level. It is the ideal place to enjoy the scenery. Soak up nature with heaven and earth, drop the soul in the cool breeze, touch the clouds to create fancy shapes or in the eye of shimmering beauty. Da Nang city at night.

Ban Co

Tour Da Nang to the top of Ban Co enjoys all the gentle scenery of Da Nang mixed with many levels of emotions for those who like to explore, conquer the top of the mountain.

The road to the top always impresses, fascinated with the landscape, peaceful, gentle, full convergence of nature. The winding road along the mountains hugging the Son Tra peninsula, flat, at the winding, sloping back half way up the mountain. Tilted to embrace the beach poetic, with virgin beaches, The deep blue water, clinging to the old trees and leafy foliage to shade, bringing the wind blowing from the sea to the mountains make the journey full of emotions, experience.

Overcoming the difficult but exciting journey. Travelers will step into a new sky, a new perspective on the city scene, only the natural scenery wild, charming, are blooming with many colors spreading along the top of the board.

Here, visitors are attracted by the landscape, temporarily forget the tired after the route of the pass. Behind the surface, noisy, worry of life in the city. Feeling like being back to nature, heaven and the sea.

From the top of the Board looking down, Da Nang small, beautiful and charming, commercial buildings skyscrapers, sparkling bridge magnificent, the fishing boat floating on the sea ... All like light Many colors hide in the vast sky. This is Vietnam travel specials site in the Central of Vietnam.

Da Nang beach is also more peaceful, gently lapping waves, winding along the mountains of Son Tra peninsula. With white clouds floating on the hills with a green array of forests, mountains ... It shows up as a mountain painting, waves, rocks.

This destination is always the first choice for the devotees. The beauty of the natural landscape here is clear when the light itself has appeared. When the dragon city in deep sleep, The roosters are spreading wings to the sound of the crown. The early sunshine reflected glittering on the top, followed by the white clouds drifting. That scene makes many tired waiters wait to add to your collection.

Ban Co

The sunset on the top of Ban Co is also the time to attract not only the paparazzi. But also tourists coming here to admire the scenery, around the island wind, enjoy the cool air when let go, linger on the top to record this fanciful moment.

The top of the board is called "the first place" in the heart of the world. Here visitors not only enjoy the scenery. But also have the opportunity to sit at the chess table with his grandfather. Immersed in the quiet moments, sitting pondering the final chess to enroll in the legendary like the king of Chinese chess. Or simply photographed with the monk to commemorate.

It's great for

  • Natural lover, photographer, Trekker

Need to know

  • Ban Co is one of the most interesting place for local tourist. So the best time to travel to Ban Co from Monday to Friday to avoid the crowded people

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