Than Tho Lake

Than Tho lake located about 6km east of Da Lat city center, along Quang Trung - Ho Xuan Huong road. Visit here, you will hear about the moving love story has borrowed the lake to keep faithful love.

Than tho lake

Why Than Tho Lake is special?

It is famous for its lake near Da Lat National Military Academy (now Military Academy) and associated with a golden age of the school in the 1950s, early 1960s. Every day, holidays, Sunday is the family of practitioners and lovers pull together to meet here. And until now there is still Thao - Tam story with the grave of the poor girl named Thao coldly in the Hill with 2 grave (from the outside to the left side of the resort).

What to do in Than Tho Lake?

Than Tho Lake is located on a high hill amidst a tranquil pine forest. Scenery around the lake so poetic, water surface is always calm calm pond. The lane along the lake as far away. Here seem to hear only the slight wind breeze, the sound of the voice like breathing, like sobbing. There is a pair of very loving trees in the north of the lake forming a pair of "lovers" tightly wrapped together tangerine leaves and visitors can go there to take souvenir photos. Pine in Than Tho Lake seems to be more beautiful than other places like Xuan Huong lake. Because of the thinning, higher than the sun should shine down on the beautiful grass. Because it's scenery so beautiful so almost tourist book a tour Da Lat they would like to go here for enjoying the view and taking photo.

It's great for

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  • For first time travel

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