Dambri Waterfall

Dambri in K'Ho means waiting. Waterfalls associated with the beautiful legend of the iron son of the young man for his love. This is a large waterfall in Lam Dong, located in the context of primitive and majestic forest, the waterfall is located about 20km from Bao Loc City, about 100km from Da Lat city.

Why Dambri waterfall is Unique?

Dambri waterfall is about 60m high. Rainy season, the upstream water rumbling to roaring, a few kilometers away hear the sound. Around the waterfall is a forest almost still retain intact beauty wild uncovered with an area of ​​nearly 300ha. There are many different kinds of birds in this area. Also many ancient trees such as stars, vultures, so many original... to a few three arms embrace is also here. The road to the center of the resort has a cement bridge over 20m long across the stream, near the falls.

Dambri Waterfall

What we can do in Dambri waterfall?

Yes, Dambri is a major domestic attraction for tourist. Which, in the spirit of Vietnam eco tourism, dooms it to a tasteless development. There are shaped pedalos, a miniature roller coaster, gourmet stores and gigantic restaurants. Nevertheless, the waterfall itself is still spectacular. Especially the pathways cut to the stone offers dramatic views from in front of and behind the avalanche of white water. In the rain and mist during visit you will get a lot of fun and a sight. According to local legend the falls were created by the endless tears drop by a lady who waited from the forest.

He never did return, and the woman died out of sadness, her body turned to stone and her tears kept flowing, as they continue to do to this day. To get at the falls take Highway 20 from Dalat to Bao Loc and turn right for Dambri waterfall, that is clearly indicated to Bao Loc.

Dambri Waterfall in Da Lat

This rural road leads via an attractive landscape of tea and coffee plantations for 18km before reaching the entrance to the falls. The travel from Dalat to the Dambri waterfall takes at least 2 hours by car or motorbike. Admission to Dambri is the most expensive of all Lam Dong Province's waterfalls: 50, 000VN. Try to come on a weekday as weekends and holidays may get very crowded with enthusiastic Vietnamese teenagers on secret tours Da Lat.

It's great for

  • Family travel with teen, young couple and solo traveller, natural lover
  • Recommended travel time from Monday to Friday. Because it's too many local tourist go here at weekend.

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