Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang cave is located in Trung Trang valley. It's about 15 km northwest of Cat Ba town. Visitors almost bend back along the journey to discover the cave more than 300 meters.

How Trung Trang cave is unique?

Over millions of years of geological tectonics, this cave possesses thousands of natural stalactites shaped to create a unique, imagination of visitors. Trung Trang cave is known locally as "gold treasure" with many unique things.

Going into the cave more than 100 meters, visitors will come to a cave with stalactites glittering under the dim light. Here there are stalactites with a crown, a strip of brocade, and then 3 Phuc Loc Tho... Local people call this cave "gold treasure or princess's treasure".

Right next to the hole "gold warehouse, treasure", visitors to a cave where the ceiling is covered with a soft white velvet powder. However, some visitors come here have painted grave on the ceiling has broken this white powder, look very repulsive.

Trung Trang cave has an ecosystem in mysterious darkness, home to many species of creatures such as bats, birds, insects and reptiles. The lighting system is very limited to preserve the characteristics of the ecological environment in the cave. Fuzzy virtual space has helped visitors have an enjoyable holiday in Cat Ba island experience.

End of the journey to discover more than 300 m. Trung Trang cave is the creeper door with many shapes as the great sculptures of creativity. From here, visitors will step into a green space with thousands of trees and vines. In the Trung Trang cave, there is also a very beautiful natural forest.

Trung Trang cave represents more than 150 large and small caves on the Cat Ba National Park. Here the fossil bones, stone tools of the ancient Vietnamese. This is also the place to save the heroic history of the army and people on the island during the country build and maintain. But if your tour in Vietnam from Cat Ba island visitor should not miss Trung Trang cave.

Trekking Cat Ba National Park

Discovering the Trung Trang Cave makes visitors very excited, feeling like they are lost in heaven in the ground.

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