Phuc Sen Forging Village

Phuc Sen forging village is located in Phuc Sen commune, Quang Uyen district, Cao Bang province. This place has long been famous throughout the country for the traditional forging tools. It's closely associated with the life of Nung people. Especially become a unique culture of this land.

How Phuc Sen forging village is Unique?

The commune has 10 villages with more than 400 households and more than 2,000 people. And mostly Nung ethnic people with typical indigo clothes. The main road in the commune has been concreted. But the model of stilt houses and the way of life of the people here are almost the same.

On the first floor, both forging workshop and plowing machine, corn storehouse ... But upstairs is separated by wooden trees and sawn floor, the altar is in the middle of the house, surrounded by a stove, a reception place, where to sleep ... There are also many new spacious houses that still built in the old architectural style.

Forging in Phuc Sen existed more than 1,000 years ago, in the form of hereditary to this day. Currently, there are about 150 family smiths, spread over 6 villages: Phia Chang above, Phia Chang below, Dau Co, Pac Rang, Tinh Dong and Lung Vai, forming the famous Phuc Sen forging village.

The special thing here is that the craftsmen only forge crafts, mainly based on their long experience, from selecting materials, how to temper steel, and applying specific secrets to create products. Such as knives. , scissors, hoes, sickles ... of good quality, trusted and trusted by working people.

Tourism opportunities in Phuc Sen Forging Village

Pass the majestic mountain road leading to the highland district of Quang Uyen. You will see Phuc Sen Cao Bang Knife Forging Village. It's about 2km long road that is full of all kinds of eye-catching decoration tools. Entering the village, everywhere you will see charcoal kilns burning, splashing flower sparks after the hammer and the definitive blow.

Especially the seller here does not attract customers. If you come in this house then go to another house to buy products, the landlord is still happy. Because the whole village, relatives together. Visitors come here to learn, they also enthusiastically welcome, and then tell the story of the village, the craft story with the pride of the traditional forging village.

If visiting Phuc Sen forging village in the last months of the year. You also have the opportunity to observe the bustling atmosphere when the smithy in the season with orders from people around the region and many other provinces. Such as Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Hanoi, Nghe An... see the popularity of the product here.

Come here to see direct, and then hear the stories of longtime craftsmen. Visitors will find more interesting things about this hard-working blacksmith. Over the years with ups and downs, Phuc Sen forging village retains the traditional style and typical cultural features of Nung people.

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Preserving the traditional lifestyles and traditions has made Phuc Sen forging village an impressive destination for tourists from all over the world, contributing to enrich the journey to explore Cao Bang.

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