Phong Dien Fruit Garden

Coming to Can Tho, if you visit Phong Dien fruit garden. It is an ideal experience for all visitors. You will be relaxed in the fruit-gardens and enjoy the specialties of Mekong delta region.

How Phong Dien fruit garden is unique?

Coming to Phong Dien, you will experience an idyllic life of Western nature that everyone must love. Stay away from the bustling of the city to come to Phong Dien. It's a place with the idyllic beauty of luxuriant fruit gardens that everyone must be passionate about. Breathe in the fresh air and sit and relax under the lush green trees and enjoy the landscapes that will give you an unforgettable experience.

The beauty of Phong Dien fruit gardens

If you get to the left orchard of Phong Dieu with an area of ​​nearly 6,000 ha. That the place is called the "fruit kingdom" of the Mekong delta region but the heart is ecstatic. Visitors to the fruit garden here will enjoy the delicious fruits. Such as: mangosteen, pink apple, durian, cowhide label , ... give you a new experience when traveling to Phong Dien.

How fruits in Phong Dien is Delicious?

Referring to the species of fruits that visitors love in Phong Dien. It is Strawberry Ha Chau. This is a specialty fruit in Phong Dien district with high economic value. But you should try it at least once. If you come to Ha Chau in the right season. You will admire the thickly planted strawberry orchards from the root up to the top.

Guaranteed to enjoy the strawberry in this place will bring a very new feeling to visitors. Because the delicious taste of Ha Chau straw berries has been famous for years. Strawberries that have been exported to oversea countries. Also help you understand the special quality. Traveling Phong Dien Can Tho you will have a special experience when you visit here.

Coming to Phong Dien, you can see many family gardens with many kinds of green fruits. That really catches eyes. For example, Longan fruit at Muong Khai commune of Nhan Nghi commune. It's famous for a long time. The type of label is not big. But it has a lot of meat and when it comes to sweet food, it is cool flavor.

Also In Rach Muong Dieu, there are apple with green fruits. But when eaten, crispy and sweet and sour taste stimulates the taste of all visitors. Phong Dien Can Tho tourism you will get special experiences when enjoying the delicious fruits here.

At the same time, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious guava. That extremely crispy and sweet. The garden owners in Phong Dien are extremely friendly and enthusiastic to welcome visitors to this place to visit and enjoy the aromatic fruits here.

Possessing the advantage of a fresh fruit garden that visitors to Phong Dien Can Tho will admire the new kind of garden tourism. Phong Dien is currently heavily invested in farming tour with the beauty of Westerners so that visitors can have comfortable relaxation moments. You can discover the beauty of Wester area when coming to famous tourist gardens: Ha Chau strawberry garden (Nhon Ai commune, Duong Du Tourist garden (Nhon Ai commune, My Khanh tourist village (My Khanh commune).

Activities at Phong Dien fruit garden

In addition to visiting the delicious fruit garden. You will be able to participate in extremely useful games. Such as: climbing the monkey bridges, sightseeing the river and water from the interconnected canals with two sides are rows Fruit trees. Or you can participate in interesting games: slapping ditches for fishing, sailing,...

The idyllic beauty of Phong Dien with Mekong delta characteristics will bring new experiences to help visitors have a pleasant vacation. To this place everyone feels extremely comfortable when relaxing in the poetic scenery of the fruit garden.

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