What to see in Ba Mun Island?

Ba Mun island is one of the most beautiful clusters of islands in Bai Tu Long Bay. This is an ideal destination for not only adventurous travelers, but also those who seek peace and serenity.

Ba Mun Island

Are there any interesting at Ba Mun Island?

At present, visitors want to visit Ba Mun island just take the speedboat from Cai Rong port (Van Don) about 45 minutes will arrive. The first impression when come here is the wild nature scene with the green forest, the immense sea embracing the island.

Visitors can easily see the contrast between the East and West Island. In the east (outer surface), the waves rumbled, white foam erupted, the dust was flying up to tens of meters, while the west (inside) was peaceful, the surface was calm and smooth.

What to see in Ba Mun Island?

The island has an area of ​​over 2000 ha, stretching nearly 20 km in the direction of North East - South West. Special formed on rocks with ancient geological components. Such as Cuu Long, shale, reddish brown limestone. The shape and length of the island made the giant wall cover storms and waves, contributing greatly to mitigating natural disasters for the activities of people living inside. All things need to know before travel Bai Tu Long Bay. There are seven streams on the island with large water flowing year round with different names. Like: big pigs, Mieu Danh stream, Van Lau, Tea gap ... All the stream very clean and extremely valuable source of fresh water.

With a tropical evergreen forest structure, on average, a year with a total of 1500 hours of sunlight. Ba Mun Island is the only jungle with primeval forest with a diversity of species and abundance. On January 24, 1997 Ba Mun forest was officially recognized as Bai Tu Long National Park.

At Ba Mun Island

On the island there are countless rare species of plants, most prominent are red brood, orchids and other species. Such as: ancient, nail, limon, candles, incense ... have large trees three or four people embrace over. It is also a wildlife sanctuary that is listed as a conservation area. Example: chamois, deer, ducks and sea birds, migratory birds: Therefore, local people call the island with the name close to the "animal island".

Coming to "common house of all species". If the tours Halong Bay on private boat usually takes about three days tour. But if only use the canoe fly around the island also takes about five hours. Guests can contact the Wildlife Rescue Center for assistance, as well as advice to make the Halong bay cruise specials easier and more convenient.

With fresh green space, Ba Mun island is the perfect stop for everyone. This tour not only brings a memorable time but also gives tourists more information about Vietnam's natural forest resources. With the useful information above from Origin Travel team. Hope interesting and useful for all visitor before visit Ba Mun Island. For further assistant please contact us direct at number 841299098686.

Wishing you have very memorable trip to Bai Tu Long Bay Vietnam.

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