Vung Vieng Fishing Village

In the midst of a noisy, busy life in search of a peaceful, simple and green space, it is not easy at all. However, Vung Vieng fishing village can still keep a peaceful place in the middle of busy and noisy Ha Long. Fishing village is not only impressed by visitors by its rustic name. But also by its simple and peaceful life here.

General introduction about Vung Vieng fishing village

Visiting Ha Long Bay, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the unique beauty of Vung Vieng fishing village. With its location in the complex of the Vu Ha Island - the absolute protected area of Ha Long Bay, the gate of the fishing village was created by nature with a huge high rock arch.

Villager waiting for visitor visit their village (Photo by Ruby)

The fishing village called Vung Vieng originates from that. In the past, Hai Phong people went to trade with China. Especially every time they came here at noon. At this time, the people of the fishing village are at lunchtime, the sea breeze blows so the lid of the pot is blown off. From then on, this place was known as Vung Vieng or "Vung Venh".

How Vung Vieng fishing village is unique?

When you visit Ha Long Bay, discover the natural wonders of the world, Vung Vieng fishing village is a stopover that any tourist is not to be missed. When you come here, you can participate, immerse yourself in the life of the people of Vung Vieng village, participate in a number of activities such as fishing and enjoying the results that you have just created, relaxing on the beaches Wild or simply feel the tranquility and tranquility of a coastal fishing village.

How to move to a fishing village?

There is only one way for you to move to Vung Vieng village by boat. However, the best way for those who want to visit Vung Tau to explore it is to choose the Overnight cruise on the bay. From these yachts you can get around by kayaking or bamboo boat.

Vung Vieng Fishing village (Photo by Ruby)

With the above information, hopefully you have given yourself a lot of useful information about the coastal fishing village of Vang Vieng. And do not forget to book Ha Long cruise at Origin Vietnam to have yourself a very interesting experience!

One day visiting Vung Vieng fishing village

How to move to Vung Vieng fishing village?

Tourists should go to Vung Vieng fishing village from early morning to catch the first train to the fishing village. Bai Chay pier or Tuan Chau port every day have wooden boats and high-speed boats to Bai Tu Long bay. When coming to Vung Vieng fishing village, visitors have to take a nan boat for another 20 minutes to enter the rafting area of ​​the fishing village.

Visit Vung Vieng fishing village

The best time to sail to Vung Vieng fishing village is morning. Therefore, visitors need to go to the port to catch the boat to the fishing village very early to see Vung Vieng fishing village at sunrise. Wooden boats or speedboats will take visitors to the fishing village entrance, then you will be able to sit on a small boat to enter the floating raft area.

Vung Vieng fishing village gate is Hang Cao - one of the tourist destinations in Ha Long has a beautiful natural scenery that any visitor wants to take pictures. Not only is the entrance gate but it's also one of the most beautiful waterways in Bai Tu Long Bay.

The entrance to Vung vieng fishing village

The entrance to the village (Photo by Ruby)

Sitting on a rustic boat, admiring the scenery gives visitors a very interesting experience. Before entering the fishing village, visitors will be taken through many beautiful small islands. Going to the fishing village, the first thing visitors feel is an extremely calm and quiet atmosphere. In the village there are many rafts close to each other, on raft raising all kinds of seafood. Such as sea bass, cobia, grouper ... to sell to tourists and restaurants in the region. The center of Vung Vieng fishing village is a very large community raft, which can accommodate 20 - 30 visitors.

Vung Vieng fishing village is currently an attractive tourist destination. So there are many tourists come to visit and learn about the life of the coastal fishing people. If you come to Bai Tu Long Bay for sightseeing by boat, do not miss the beautiful Vung Vieng fishing village.

How about education in the village?

There is only primary school in the village. If the children want to go secondary & high-school they must go to mainland. Also it's depend on parent economy. they can support or cannot. Origin's founder understand about living condition in this village already. That the reason why every year he send learning things for the children. Also in every tours to this village we would like to suggest to our customer prepare a few small presents like coloring books, notebooks, pen, for all those smiling kids.

Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay to Vung Vieng village ends in one stage fascinating dip through a cave which millennia of water flow have carved throughout the center of one of the rugged columns that pops the bay. During frothy five moments visiting Vung Vieng village, we think that it attracts a little emotions about comparison ways of living of local people, it made the trip considerably more memorable.

It's great for

  • Natural lover, photographer, sustainable traveller

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