Cong Do Island

The island is located about 25 km from Bai Chay Tourist Port, in Bai Tu Long Bay, tourism in the World Natural Heritage area. This is one of the islands with the most meandering and tortuous sea-basins in Halong Bay.

How Cong Do island is unique?

Island in Ha Long Bay, whether large or small, island or rocky island, with or without trees, high or low, wide or narrow ... All of them are so special. It's depend on felling of each people.

If you want to see Vietnam special, so let's go to Cong Do area. This is one of the beautiful islands, there are many meandering valleys winding, creating amazing natural lakes. Where many marine species such as shrimp, crabs, fish, squid, algae, algae. The south-west coast of the island has large coral reefs with thousands of colors.

The coral reef ecosystem here is over 700m long, 300m wide with many rare coral species. Such as red coral ... Coral reefs here are preserved almost intact, there are Ornamental fish, seahorses ... live together clusters. In the future it will develop into an underground eco-tourism area.

In the southeastern part of the island, traces of ancient Van Don ancient port have been preserved, though it is unclear. But it affirmed that the ancient Cong Do commune has maintained. Its important position in commerce and trade with oversea countries.

At present, due to wild so to go into the lake visitors have to cross the high rocky slopes, four thick trees. Surrounding the lake are the limestone mountains, the tallest of which have a tops of 172 m. There are not many people who are knowledgeable in biology, visitors can easily see the ecology here is extremely diverse. Spread from the foot of the island up to the top of the mountain, alternating species of vines, small trees. There are large trees up to 30-40 cm in diameter. On the side of the mountain, along the lakes, the bushes spread out, the trees, the cymbals, the cymbid clinging to the cliffs, the trunk as the scenic spot.

Cong Do Lake has an area of ​​about 5 hectares, almost like the lake Tien, with water surface to the sea. The lake water was blue, smooth as a giant mirror to the sky. However, unlike the Tien Lake, the ecosystem here seems to be more diverse. Because with many algae, mollusks, bivalves and bivalves, crabs, fish and squid. With the characteristics of biodiversity, natural landscapes, coral reefs ... unique, Cong Do Island in general, the Cong Do lake in particular promises to bring exciting discoveries for tourists, when holiday in Halong Bay.

This is special what to see in halong bay, Further more, travelers can enjoy trekking to the mountain and admire the panoramic views near the top of the hill. Hidden lagoons and area also make the place ideal for kayaking.

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