Ba Mun Island

Situated in Bai Tu Long Bay to the north-east of Quang Ninh Province. Ba Mun island is one of the largest island with rich flora and fauna in Bai Tu Long National Park.

How Ba Mun Island is unique?

It's great destination in the North of Vietnam for adventure lover. To reach to Ba Mun island visitor must spend 45 minutes by high speed boat from Cai Rong pier. The first impression tourists when arriving at the island is a pristine natural landscape with green woods embraced entirely by blue sea.

The east of the island is pummeled by strong waves with water spray launch tens of metres high. Whilst the west includes tranquil scenery and serene water which ripples against the side of ships. Ba Mun island covers a region precious species. The most outstanding plants are Tram Do, as well as Lim, Sen and Tau.

It's notable that the Lan hai orchid, that was mistakenly thought to be burst a couple of years back, still exists. Currently, this species of orchid is only found in Lao Cai and Ba Mun. Ba Mun has a lot of rare species of animals, including the golden deer, and this can be still fairly populous and the only population in northeast Vietnam.

Golden deer frequently look for food at night. Therefore, it's challenging to spot them throughout the daytime. There are a whole, but visitors can see their footprints like many other species of animals. With its diverse fauna, Ba Mun Island is the largest wild animal reserve in the Southeast Region. For that reason, locals frequently call it Animal Island. With its diverse fauna, Ba Mun Island is the largest wild animal reserve in the southeast area distinctive names like O Lon To and O Lon Con, On Ba Mun Island. The water flows all year round and is extremely clean thanks to a large coverage of the forest. This can be a useful source for now and future. Especially thanks to Vietnamese custom who spend days & nights to protection of the forest. Love to go to Ba Mun Island? so halong bay 3 day cruise is needed to get there.

Holiday duration

Traveling to Ba Mun, tourists can research on their very own, following some natural paths on the island or the patrol paths serving forest management. It can take at least 3 days to complete a tour of Ba Mun Island and 5 hours if going around the island by motorboat. A minimum of three days to complete a cruise Bai Tu Long Bay of Ba Mun Island and 5 hours if going around the island by motorboat. The island has a wildlife rescue center belonging to the Bai Tu Long National Park assistance. You should remember that only tours by locals Vietnam then you can visit Ba Mun island.

How to get to Ba Mun Island?

  • Speed boat from Cai Rong port – Quan Lan pier in Quan Lan island ( Duration- 45’ minutes)

Best time to travel:

  • Don't visit this Island on summer time (June, July, August) - This is peak season for local tourist.
  • Recommended time to visit: (April, May, Sept, Oct)

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