Pac Ngoi Village

Location on one side is mountain and other side is Ba Be Lake. That the beautiful stilt houses of Pac Ngoi Village. Tay's cultural beauty - are an interesting destination for tourists coming to Ba Be National Park.

How Pac Ngoi village is special?

The Pac Ngoi cultural tourism village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district is the stilt house of Tay people on the banks of Lo river close to Ba Be lake.The village has more than 80 households with nearly 400 people.Especially the people in the village are Tay people.

Pac Ngoi village still has some ancient stilt houses, roofs of yin and yang tiles, unique architectural designs.People in this village live by cultivating rice and maize in riverine mudflats and fishing shrimp on Ba Be Lake.Currently most of the households in the village participate in business activities to serve tourists.

Three branches of Pé Lầm, Pé Lù and Pé Lèng rivers form three pools between limestone mountains and green forests. Ba Be is a peaceful place between mountains and trees, beautiful and absorbed and imbued with legend.Ba Be Lake is the ancient water surface of Tay people.They eat and stay, play and enjoy activities according to the lake season.From Ba Be National Park administrative center. It's about 5 km along the coast of Ba Be Lake is to Pac Ngoi village.

Coming to Pac Ngoi village, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the beautiful natural scenery. But also discover and experience interesting things in the life of the community here.Ancient stilt houses with ages of tens to hundreds of years are always preserved and embellished as a testament to the typical culture of Tay people.

The architecture of stilt house in Pac Ngoi Village

The Tay's stilt houses are built with four to seven rows of supporting columns forming two distinct areas.The upper part of the floor serves as a reception area, a stove and a place to stay. The lower part of the floor is a place to store farm tools and livestock cages.Usually floor roofs have two or four roof structures made of straw leaves and palm leaves.This type of tile roofing is very popular in Ba Be.

It's very interesting things in the kitchen, where the fire always keep it on. Sitting in the kitchen and listening about Ba Be lake legend that your trip will be memorable. Moreover here you also have chance to enjoy the unique dishes in Pac Ngoi village such as grilled goat meat with sticky sticky rice, grilled fish, shrimp sour...

Sleeping house on stilts;visit the lake by a unique wooden boat;fishing on rivers and lakes;see the Tay girls perform and play the melody song and accompany the people here to visit ethnic villages in Ba Be Lake area and buy local specialties.

The beautiful natural landscape along with the unique traditional culture of the Tay people helped Pac Ngoi become an attractive and interesting community cultural destination.

Ba Be Lake tour 2 day from Hanoi

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