Top 10 Interesting Experiences When Traveling To Hoi An

Walking around the old town at night, view the whole city from above, tailor-made or boat trip on the Hoai River in the evening... are the unforgettable experiences when traveling to Hoi An. Come here, visiting the land that used to be The most prosperous trading port in Southeast Asia. If you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An. Please refer to some suggestions below to be able to feel more deeply about local life.

1. Walking around Old Town at night

A very simple experience, visitors just step out into the street and watch the old houses, the bright lantern streets at night. You will think you are lost in the gala of light, a picture that combines the calm of ancient architecture with the rustic image and the bustle of modern life. Perhaps the most beautiful is still the banks of the Hoai River, where the streaks of light glisten on the water. Hoi An is even more beautiful when there are no tourists and shops. Then the old town really carries an old, quiet look.

2. Drop the flower lantern

Still when the night comes, besides watching only, visitors can immerse themselves in decorating the party light on the river. An extremely interesting experience that many visitors like to do is drop flowers lantern posted on the Hoai River. You will be able to drop sparkling small lights into the river with the hope that the lights will bring luck and peace to relatives and friends. Besides lanterns, the flower lantern has gradually become a feature of Hoi An tour attraction.

3. Enjoy Cao Lau Hoi An specialties

Cao Lau is a specialty dish of Hoi An that anyone should try. The origin of this name is quite interesting. Once when traders came to Hoi An to trade. They had to enjoy this dish on the "high floor" to look after the goods. Since then, this dish is named Cao Lau.

A bowl of Cao Lau Hoi An contains delicious taste, with the feeling of noodles, sour, sweet, spicy, acrid taste of raw vegetables, aroma of sauce, gravy, soy sauce,...

Guests can enjoy this dish at Ba Be restaurant. It's located at the head of 69 Phan Chau Trinh, or Sing shop at Tran Phu intersection with Hoang Dieu.

4. Take a boat trip on the Hoai River in the evening

Boat trip in Hoi An to see the Old Town at night and drop flowers lantern are fun to be loved by many couples. Especially those who come to Hoi An to take wedding photos. However, if you do not have a couple, you can still go with family and friends.

5. Tailoring items and get in a short time

Hoi An has a lot of attractions inside and outside the country, one of which is the shops that cut clothes, clothes, shoes, bags, sandals,... taken in the day. Forbes magazine once honored one of the "hot tailoring" shops in Hoi An because of its unique service and professional service.

Only after about 4 hours, visitors can receive the item that they just ordered. The fashion style in Hoi An is very unique, trendy and the price only ranges from 15 - 100 USD.

6. Swimming on the beach

Hoi An owns famous beaches in the world. In particular, the highlight is Cua Dai beach with long white sand beaches, coconut trees and clear sea water.

Hoi An tourist destination also has An Bang which is among the top 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet. An Bang beach is suitable for those seeking free and quiet space.

Visitors can drop their souls at an unspoiled beach, tables and chairs, only waves, clear water, exposed to the bright sunshine, read books, enjoy a light wine, or drink a cold beer... It is a very personal experience in Hoi An.

7. Visit the old houses

The old houses are invaluable heritage that Hoi An preserved after the war, the speed of urbanization and the destruction of nature. Every flood season, Hoi An suffers from flooding

But through so many events, the old houses remain intact. In particular, Tan Ky ancient house is a place known to many visitors. This is the first house recognized as a national monument in Hoi An and is the place that has welcomed many domestic and foreign leaders.

Beside Tan Ky, Hoi An also has Phung Hung, Quan Thang old houses... or Cantonese, Phuc Kien halls... with Chinese architecture, built by Chinese traders to remember their homeland.

8. Buy lanterns as souvenirs

According to many visitors, the most popular and typical souvenir in Hoi An is lanterns. Choosing a lantern to give to a loved one or bringing it to home is also an interesting thing to remember about the Old Town.

9. Scuba diving to watch corals in Cu Lao Cham island

Cu Lao Cham Island is about 15 km from the Old Town. It's one of the places should not missed when traveling to Hoi An. Because the travel services in this island are not yet developed. But perhaps because of that, Cu Lao Cham still retains its wild character. Come here, you will experience, explore snorkeling services to watch corals, camp fire, sleep at people's houses and enjoy fresh seafood - delicious - tonic - cheap.

10. Explore Hoi An on the full moon day

If coming to Hoi An on the right day of the full moon festival (the 14th day of the lunar calendar), visitors are really a lucky person. On this day, Hoi An ancient town turned off all electric lights and instead hang on colorful lanterns, dropped flower lanterns shining brightly with the river. It is a great space for those who love the quiet and peaceful beauty of Hoi An ancient town.

In addition to the full moon day, visitors can go to Hoi An for holiday on other special days. Such as Vu Lan, Thien Thien, Trung Thu, Lunar New Year... to soak up the unique cultural beauty of the land. Hoi An ancient town is small, but to understand, you will need a lot of time.

If you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An, try exploring the above experience. It will be a memorable journey you.

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