Photos Must Have When Traveling To Hoi An

Hoi An is known for its romantic poetry right from space, architecture. In Hoi An anyone can get pictures of "breathtaking beautiful" with very casual scenes. Here, weed moss also exists as an arrangement and intention of art. Traveling to Hoi An is when we want to find the peaceful and beauty of the past days. Follow Origin Vietnam to know what & where you should take photos while holiday in Hoi An as below.

1: Take photos with confetti

Taking a picture with confetti seems to be so normal that no one will notice. But if you spend time on your trip to Hoi An to take a photo with confetti, amidst the tranquil beauty gallery of Hoi An is sure that picture will be very unique and very poetic. The nostalgic look of Hoi An and the simple, dear image of confetti combined to create a strange charm that makes it hard to look away.

We see in the sunshine the paper flower blooms blooming on each old roof tile, were tinged with time, the confetti fluttering gently in the afternoon breeze between the gentle breath of Hoi Street makes us flutter, feel throbbing in hearts a feeling of lightheadedness hard to describe.

2: Take photos on the Hoai River

Hoai River flowing through Hoi An contributes to bring the poetic beauty to this place. The small river is gentle as an inseparable symbol of the old town. Especially a place associated with the livelihood, sailing, taking tourists to visit the people of Hoi An. Just from 30,000 to 50,000 VND, visitors have a tour of Hoi An by small boat, bringing special experiences about local life here for visitors.

Hoai River is also a beautiful place in Hoi An so you can record the time here. You should choose the shooting angle in the middle of the Hoai River, on the Bach Dang road. Because there are rows of yellow limestone walls, brown-tiled roofs. Especially sitting on a small boat in the middle of a gentle, really peaceful river. It will be a beautiful, bold picture of Hoi An that anyone wants to have.

In the evening, amidst the immense space of underwater flowers, colorful lanterns in the distance, all are arranged so that you can capture the beauty of Hoi An's identity in a frame dedicated to self.

3: Hoi An Japanese Bridge Pagoda

It would be a shortcoming for tourists in Hoi An. If do not take a picture with Japanese Bridge Pagoda, the beautiful symbol of Hoi An. The corner of Chau Thuong Van Street will be a beautiful place in Hoi An for you to get the perfect picture with Cau Pagoda. You can also choose strange, more creative angles. Such as shooting from the river bank or from the An Hoi Bridge for your own photos.

4: Lantern

Lanterns are also considered one of the " Specialties of Hoi An ". Across the streets, on each roof. You can easily come across the beautiful small lanterns, shining gently with full color. On the full moon days, all families and roads are off light. You can see only the light of the lantern illuminates. Tourists traveling to Hoi An will find a strange and familiar Hoi An street, which seems to glow in the magical light of lanterns; poetic blur makes every visitor want to save this moment to own their own photos.

And there is another beautiful tourist destination in Hoi An so that you can bring in your frame is the famous street selling lanterns every night. On a trip to Hoi An, taking a few photos by a lantern will definitely be interesting.

5: Legendary wall in Hoang Van Thu

Photo: Internet

What is so interesting about gold walls that are gradually peeling off, mossing over time. Is there anything beautiful to make people have to stay in the photo? Yet that golden wall on Hoang Van Thu Street is a place where people check in beautiful places in Hoi An.

An old piece of wall in Hoi An tour will become a part of nostalgia, a simple image in the heart of every visitor when coming here.

With the suggestions on some tourist destinations of Hoi An of Origin Vietnam above. We hope that it can be of some help you for your trip to Hoi An, help you "pocket" yourself with unique photos, characterized Hoi An and the wonderful experience in Hoi An, an old town captivates tourists and imbues with Vietnamese traditions.


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