How Beautiful Bac Son On Rainy Season?

The best time for Bac Son tour is in the season of nine rice in Bac Son. The end of July and mid-November of the yearly calendar. At this time, the Bac Son rice field as a golden carpet, shining with sunshine, sky color.

Especially with clouds hovering around the top of the mountain rise, dots peaceful villages along the river meanders. Moreover, Bac Son rainy season also has the weather is considered the most beautiful in the year. It's very convenient for all tourists to climb mountains and take pictures delight.

How beautiful Bac Son on Rainy Season?

The Bac Son valley is favorable for irrigation so the rice is grown in two main crops and usually harvested most of the other half months to a month. Interestingly, the rice in Bac Son was not fully planted at the same time. So the view will look very different. Such as the fields before, the fields were harvested later, and the fields were inoculated... Bac Son people often harvest rice quickly and not at the same time. Accidentally create strange shapes throughout the fields of Bac Son rice season.

It's best of the best view if you can climb up to the top of Na Lay mountain peak. From here. The scenery of Bac Son valley appears peaceful and full of charming colors. Between the mountain ranges, the road, the river, the small river, and the human. Such like the tiny dots are moving on the yellow ground, where white smoke burns like smoke. Very, very Impressive... all as decorate the painting of Bac Son rice nine season added mesmerizing.

Leaving high mountains, walking around the village of Bac Son rice nine new season to feel the atmosphere is busy. The muddy hands farmers are joyful applause together harvest rice, to express the joy of bumper crop ... and down here to see the field of Bac Son spread to the vast, the surrounding mountains become more majestic, clouds rise high up the sky, to shine the sunshine shine on the carpet golden rice ... a beautiful countryside scene!

Recommended Travel Bac Son 2 days and 1 night,

Our group spent 2 days for this trip and visiting a lot of different places. And this is the schedule of 2 days/1night.

Firs day in Bac Son

On the first day, from Hanoi moving to Bac Son (over 160 km), our group also spent a lot of time, visiting two places are Quynh Son village and Museum of Bac Son uprising.

1: Visit Quynh Son Village

Coming to Quynh Son village, we have come to the living space and culture of the Tay. When coming to this village, we were fortunate to enjoy the specialties of Black Banh Chung, Waffles, Coke, Sweet Potato...

2: Visit Bac Son Museum

Goodbye Quynh Son village for visit Museum of Bac Son, and I think, this is also a place you should not ignore. Coming to this museum, you will see documents, ancient artifacts are kept from the days of Bac Son uprising..

Second day in Bac Son:

1: Enjoy the sunrise in Bac Son Valley:

On the morning of Monday, our group got up early from 5 hours to pick up the sunrise in the Bac Son valley. And if you think, if you travel Bac Son, you should also welcome the dawn in this valley of rice.

2: Familial Farm Families:

Second place after the dawn in Bac Son Valley, my group visited Dinh Nong Luc - one of 20 architectural monuments in Bac Son.

3: Conquering Mount Na and Dang Mo waterfall

If you want to stand at a height to see the whole of Bac Son, we can reach the peak Na Na 600m. Standing here, your feeling will be a wave of happiness as we have just conquered something quite wonderful.

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What should be prepared when traveling to Bac Son?

At the end of the second day to visit Bac Son, my group returned to Hanoi. However, I have a little to share with you is in Bac Son weather even though the summer temperature is still quite cold at night, so you remember to bring thin jacket. This is all things need to know before travel Bac Son Valley.

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