Experience Halong True Meaning Style Of A Wonderful Sea Vacation

If anyone asks me: What is Halong Bay in me? My answer will be: Halong Bay not is the land, it is my dream, the dream that i hope to be true forever”. The time in here was the most unforgettable moments of my life. Not because of the amazing picturesque of nature. It also from others values I got in the whole of my travel journey.

Companion with me in that dream is L'Azalee, the adorable boat with unique design and warmed attitude from the most enthusiastic staff team. There is no any strange in every parts of route, in here. I feel as in vacation with family, in here, I was enjoyed the sea in the true meaning of it, and in here. I feel such satisfy that maybe in Halong bay cruise can compares.

L'Azalee – The cruise is so special even from the name

The name “L’Azalee” was started from goal to create an international resort in the land of heritage and culture. With the passion and working hard of manager and staff team in recent years. L’Azalee confirmed as the deserved choice in Halong Bay by tourists, and now, have me in addition.

In the first looks, L’Azalee reminded me about the Popeye Sailor boat in the same famous same name cartoon series, that i loved the most when i was a child. With the highlight bright turquoise and orange hues along with white color in elegant Western design, this boat really gave me the feeling of sea vacation Vietnam. My most favorite thing of boat is the materials of its whole body is woods, is the wooden panels linked perfectly together, smooth and rustic. It's same as what i hoped for my journey.

Inside of boat is the adorable Atlantic atmosphere, the sunny welcome space inside boat is the other world of pure and fresh, from the pictures, details pattern, the furniture arrangement brings the truest of ocean feeling. From the big glass windows, I could see overall of Halong Bay, in the middle of sunshine. This land twinkle as the brilliant emerald gem. Outside, the super lovely spacious sundeck surrounded by majesty nature was devotedly waving me come and enjoy.

My cabin was in the superior type. The clean feeling is the first thing I had when I put the first steps into. Along having 3 colors is bright turquoise, orange and white in main furniture decors, the seagull pattern was added proved meticulousness of boat designer in goal to make the sea space for customers. Along with my pleasures, is the modern equipment system is set up in room. All made me absolutely feel as in home.

Experience Halong Bay in the most exciting way:

In L'Azalee, I had a list of excellent activities to explore Halong charms. From the most famous to most mystery untouched sides in here. And the most things I’d love, was easy to find an enthusiastic guides right there at boat from the staff with extensive knowledge about this land.

Along with Tai Chi class in dawn, the cooking class in sunset before meals. I was joined in the famous experience of kayaking in the middle of sea to visiting in directly with unique rock reefs. Although I not good at swimming, but under the instructions from trained and attentive tour guides. I was really could paddle and remain it by myself in whole tour.

After kayaking, I was recommended to take a tour to visit Pearl Farm as the way to closer with Halong’s local life and culture. That was a truly amazing time of mine when to be introduced and got more clearly sight about formation of high-end jewelry from pearls. It was really not simple as I had thought.

And specially, was the unique seaplane tour. Observer from seaplane, the Halong Bay showed off all of wonderful perspective images. But when the plane touched down on the bay’s crystal water before land off Tuan Chau Island. It's my most unforgettable exhilarating experience.

The journey of high peak cuisine and warm attitude service

After long day on activities, welcomed me come back into boat is the gentle smiling staffs and hot meals was willing served. Tasting the self-catching seafood in the romantic lights and cooling wind from sea made my meal coming up the peak of flavor. With all recommended local and international menus, my three meals a day so plentiful in choice.

And finally, I finished my tour on the safe and exciting memories. That was so unwilling when had to say farewell with this amazing time.

Thanks so much for Origin Vietnam because of this meaningful recommend, if you are looking to the memorable time tours in Halong Bay too, do not hesitate contact at website: https://originvietnam.com. The great team is waiting to you.


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