Delicious And Reasonable Price Food In Halong

Halong is not only famous for its fresh seafood dishes but also many local specialties and interesting. So Where can find the delicious and reasonable price food in Halong?

Cheap dining in Halong

Ha Long is a large tourist complex so there are also many bustling eating places. In the dozens of dining outlets, there are several cheap areas as follows:

Steam Crab

Vuon Dao area: Located right in Ha Long city, this neighborhood is very crowded. The nature of Vuon Dao is a lot of guest houses, hotels and cheap restaurants. It is located near Bai Chay resort so Vuon Dao is crowded with tourists. This place is called "paradise of fresh seafood".

Ben Doan area: This is a food street located in Tran Quoc Nghien, a beautiful coastal road of Ha Long City. Covering an area of ​​11.000m 2, Ben Doan has dozens of shops open for sale. Due to the location near the market, the seafood here is very fresh, in which the most famous are the grilled oyster sauce or chili mustard. Guests can dine in Ben Doan and enjoy the cool sea breezes and view Ha Long Bay.

Dipped Squid

Cai Dam market: Located in Tien Ong, Bai Chay, Cai Dam market is also known as seafood market in Ha Long. The reason is that seafood here is very expensive and affordable, even some cheaper than in the Garden of Dao. The food in Cai Dau market is abundant and deliciously processed and visitors can finish the food market to buy seafood, very convenient.

The floating house on the seacoast of column 5, column 6: This is a row of house on the sea in column 5, column 6 of Hong Ha Ward, Ha Long City. These townhouses are famous for their fresh seafood, reasonable prices and very cool seafront seating. Many Ha Long tours have bring visitors to these floating restaurant to enjoy seafood and enjoy the view of the bay.

Enjoy some other specialties of Halong

Halong not only has fresh seafood but also many other specialties are also very famous. Guests can visit some of the following places to enjoy delicious food in Halong such as:

Marketplaces: If visitors prefer to eat alcohol, you can go to markets in Halong to buy and enjoy. Alcohol is made by taking abstinence in the wild and then hit the white wine. The wine is light red color and fragrance with very strange spicy mouth. In the freezing cold weather, drinking a glass of wine is delicious. Visitors can go to Cai Dam market, the garden Dao to buy alcohol or sometimes buy bored fresh.

Sa Sung

Kiosk No. 1 - Ha Long Market: If tourists prefer seagulls, can go to Ha Long Market. This is a famous specialty of Halong, which is very expensive. The price of 1kg of wig is up to more than 4 million. The worm is so expensive because this species lives only on Quan Lan Island, Van Don. Guests can buy dried worms at some kiosks in Ha Long 1 Market. Fresh worm dishes are prepared in some restaurants at Column 5, Column 6.

Ca Say in Tien Yen

Tien Yen Town: If tourists prefer to eat a carrot, go to Tien Yen town. Duck is a hybrid breed ducks are popular in the town of Tien Yen, so the meat is both sweet and not foul. With the question "Where can find the delicious and reasonable price food in Halong?”. Origin Vietnam Travel would like to introduce to you the boiled porridge, cooking porridge, roast, ... The oatmeal can be easily found in many homes. But the best place to eat is in the hometown of this place: Tien Yen town. There are some tourists who have been enjoying the tapioca at the house of the Dao ethnic people, suggesting that eating is the best.

The cake of San Diu people

Some small markets in Ha Long: If tourists prefer silver cake should find a small market in Ha Long to buy. Cake is traditional cake of San Diu people, silver cake is made from sticky rice, sesame, sugar, peanut and covered with fine white powder. The taste of glutinous rice crackers, when enjoying the plastic cake, taste sesame flavor and the sweet taste of the small grist. Silver cake is sold popular in the market for VND5,000 - VND6,000 / unit.

Central market in Binh Lieu: This market sells tapeworm of the Tay ethnic group. This is another traditional dish of their favorite many visitors. Waffles are made from sticky rice and wormwood. The cake has the plasticity of sticky rice, the sweetness of the kernel and the aromatic aroma of wormwood leaves. Visitors can only buy waffles on the important holidays of the Tay ethnic group or to the central market of Binh Lieu. The price of waffles is quite cheap, only 5.000d / one.

Ha Long also has many delicious and attractive specialties that tourists can enjoy at the addresses that Origin Vietnam Travel introduced above. Wish you have a holiday in Ha Long and enjoy many delicious dishes.

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