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If you have ever been to Lang Son and have not yet arrived in Bac Son Valley. It is a great omission. Come here, you will have the opportunity to admire the wild beauty of wild mountains, the vast rice fields with a fresh air, great comfort. If you are interested in this beautiful land, please follow Origin Travel share article below for full experience travel to Bac Son. Almost detailed and useful information for you.

The necessary items should prepare before travel to Bac Son

To go to Bac Son convenient, perfect you need to prepare some necessary items when traveling Bac Son such as:
  • Clothes: Depending on the current weather you wear clothes. Even if you travel Bac Son in the summer, you should still carry a light jacket. Because the night in Bac Son sometimes cold at night time. But if you travel on winter. You must bring warm jacket ket.
  • Footwear: Wear specialized climbing shoes or sports shoes that hold legs to facilitate movement.
  • Hat to avoid sun.
  • Anti mosquitoes, insects.
  • Fast food to eat on the road if hungry.
  • If you travel Bac Son in the form of traveling by motorcycle. It is recommended to carry the basic motorcycle repair tools such as repair tools, car patch, mini car pump ...
  • Also, if you want to camp overnight in Bac Son. You should bring: Tents, canvas, food, blankets, flashlights, lighters ...

Best time should travel Bac Son

With the weather in Bac Son is quite convenient, so you can make trips at any time of the year. It's depending on your leave time that travel arrangements for yes. Those who have experienced Bac Son tourism self-sufficient, safe and convenient shared. The time from July to October is considered the ideal time for tourism Bac Son. By this time Bac Son is in the season of nine rice field picture. The entire Bac Son valley is covered with a golden color of vast rice fields, bowls, creating a rustic countryside, idyllic to wonderful.

Bac Son

How to travel to Bac Son?

Bac Son valley is about 160km from Hanoi city center, not too far away, so you can choose from a wide range of vehicles such as passenger cars, cars, motorbikes.

How to travel Bac Son by car?

You can go to the bus station in Hanoi. Such as My Dinh, Gia Lam, Luong Yen. There are many bus trips Hanoi - Lang Son, with fares fluctuations about 100,000VND - 170,000VND per person. Depending on the quality of the bus that has different prices. After arriving Lang Son bus station, you can take a taxi or a motorbike taxi to take them to Bac Son valley.

Note: From the bus station of Lang Son valley Bac Son of over 60km, is not favorable in the process of moving up the little guests to choose this direction. Which often choose Bac Son by motorcycle, private car is primarily.

Guide to Bac Son by bike:

From Hanoi, there are many ways to get to Bac Son, and more specifically you can refer to the route below:

  • Travel Route 1: From the center of Hanoi you go to Nhat Tan Bridge then go to Vo Nguyen Giap - then Highway 18B -> Ha Noi Highway -> to Thai Nguyen -> Bac Son.
  • Route 2: You go along the direction of Thang Long -> then go to Noi Bai -> Soc Son -> through Thai Nguyen to the Bac Son valley.
  • Route 3: From your house, find the way to Thanh Tri bridge then follow the direction of Lang Son (about 100km) -> When coming to Huu Lung, ask for the road to the town of Mau Son about 5km on the road 1B Lang Son. On the way you will notice the road will see the sea "Vo Stone Exploitation Company" turn towards the Yen Vuong -> continue to go a further way to Bac Son.
Note when traveling Bac Son by motorcycle : Due to the long trip that alone will be very dangerous, so according to Bac Son travel experience self-sufficient, safe, convenient and smooth you should go. crowded group to be able to support each other along the way. Also, you should plan to move safely, so go about 50km then stop for a few minutes rest and then go on and when to go to ask the local people to avoid getting lost , it will take a lot of time. In particular, you should bring enough papers to avoid trouble with the traffic police offline.

Nice and comfortable hotel in Bac Son

At the foot of the Bac Son Mountain. There are many cheap hotels with prices ranging from 200,000VND / room / night. However, with the Bac Son tourism experience self-sufficient, fun, attractive of the previous visitors they recommend. You should choose the Homestay accommodation with food service will save and more convenient.


You may interest Homestay in Bac Son 1 night
If you have not yet found a suitable Homestay address, you can contact Mr. Duong Cong (ID: 01276.353656) or Mr. Duong Cong Chai (Tel: 0984.026.836) in the Quynh Son cultural village for a holiday. The price about 70,000VND / night and if you eat here cost about 80,000VND per person / meal. With the useful information above. Hope you can find right time, fit duration and best experiences tour in Bac Son Vietnam.

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