Lonely Planet choose Vietnam as the top ideal destination in 2017

TTO- Tourism Newspaper Lonely Planet has just suggested very beautiful destinations which tourist should travel in 12 months of 2017 and included Halong Bay of Vietnam

The book “Where To Go When” includes lively photos, recommends from experts and suggestions of activities in your trip to each country.

Tourist will find detailed information and necessary for your trip such as transport, the fee, the best time with weather to travel in the year, etc

Tourism lovers can have the choice for destinations base on their hobbies such as adventure, culture, history, nature, enjoy scenery or experience wild life.

The book introduces some places such as rowing in New Zealand, walking long distance in Mont Blanc, walking around Moselle valley in Germany or Kenya Zoo Garden, etc

Halong Bay is chose as the must see destination in 2017. The best time to reach Vietnam and experience the days on cruise on the bay and admire the beauties of the bay in October. Besides, the weather of this season is also ideal to travel to other destinations on the country has shape “S”. Let come Vietnam and experience interesting things and admires its amazing beaties.