Cam Thanh Village - A Mekong Delta In Hoian Ancient Town

Cam Thanh village is located next to World Heritage Site of Hoian. It is also closely to the world biosphere reserve Cham Islands. Today, Cam Thanh Coconut Village is a popular tourist attraction, hosting thousands of foreign visitors every summer.

Cam Thanh village - Hoian

Around three kilometers away from Hoian, it is the immense Cam Thanh coconut forest. It is regarded as the green lung of Hoian and known as the Mekong river delta in Hoian.

How to travel to Cam Thanh Coconut village?

Cam Thanh Coconut village - Hoian

From Hoian city center, you can travel by road to Cam Thanh Ecological Village. With 3km from Hoian, you can rent a bicycle or motorbike and discover this beautiful village. The recommend is cycling to the village because you can stop on the way to see local daily life. Discover more of life and people as well as easy to shoot nice photo The road leading to the village of Cam Thanh with straight lines, coconut roofed houses nestled gracefully next to the high-rise houses, etc.

No one can imagine this land was a fierce battlefield for a while. In the war years, Cam Thanh people of Quang Nam were known as the land of steel. Another way to Cam Thanh village is by waterway. Start from Hoian wharf in the distance 5km it will show you the peaceful scenery of coconut forest hidden with blue water

What to see in Cam Thanh ecological village?

+ Bay Mau coconut forest

Bay Mau coconut forest - Cam Thanh village - Hoian

Cam Thanh coconut forest referred to as Bay Mau has been rising for 200 years. The number of coconut, which was brought by southwestern immigrants, completely match the favorable soil and water conditions of the central area. From just a few hectares, the coconut bushes have naturally grown right into a forest with a complete space of over 100 hectares.

From generations to generations, the coconut forest is the home to numerous aquatic species. It has protected Cam Thanh villagers from waves from the sea and safeguarded the world biosphere reserve Cham Islands. Those who visit Cam Thanh for the first time, the impression is hard to fade most certainly the forest of hundreds of hectares of coconut. It stretches near Cua Dai and give an impression as Mekong Delta in South Vietnam.

The only difference between them is perhaps the means of transport used. In the Mekong delta people travel on wooden boats, while visitors use basket boats (Thung chai) to go to the coconut forest in Bay Mau forest. It is exciting while sitting in a basket boat weaving under coconut trees. You will also see the beautiful scenery of a rural water region makes visitors feel interesting this place.

What is more interesting while sailing to enjoy the fresh nature? You can have fish swimming, above the ropes, nesting birds. Some people like to walk in small way to feel fresh air or visit the village traditional coconut. It is roughly USD 7 (VND 150,000) you can rent a basket boat for 2 people with a friendly boat rider to discover this wild beautiful coconut forest Or you can book a package boat trip 1 day with a travel company. It will give you more impression when having 2 hours rowing boat through small channels. It sails through the green coconut trees and see local people catch fish. You can also experience the skill of rowing basket boat with the most excitement.

+ Handicraft careers in Cam Thanh village

Handicraft careers in Cam Thanh village

Once thing you should not miss when travel to Cam Thanh village. This place offers many handicraft careers to experience. First must talk about is bamboo workshop. This is a place local man has the passion and makes products from bamboo – a tree named as Vietnam. By skillful hands bamboo tree can make into special products such as bicycle, table, chair, etc. Additional to, famous for coconut, local people make products from coconut leaves to make to thatched roof for houses, restaurants, homestay, etc Coming here you can the process of making a thatched roof with the most skillful which remains for many years

+ Buffalo riding

Buffalo riding in Cam Thanh village

Why should not try a different experience?

When you reach Cam Thanh village already, you should try the have a buffalo riding around the village to see the beautiful of this peaceful one

+ Be a local farmer

Be a local farmer in Cam Thanh village

Let make an interesting experience at this village by being a local farmer. You can step your foot into the field, be a local farmer and grow rice, catch fish on field. It will be a memorial time while you visit Cam Thanh village. It can be said that for all visitors, especially foreign tourists, it is very interesting to have a chance to visit Cam Thanh eco village, to do farming, pick vegetables, catch fish, plow and even ride buffalo in the field.

Although you have a short time, you can combine all these activities in Hoi An tour one day to discover this Cam Thanh village now is also popular for a homestay one. So don’t surprise when you see many villa, guesthouse, homestay, etc as the family host in the village. It helps tourist discover and stay with local people in this ecological as new experience.


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