Top 5 Restaurant In Bai Chay

Together with the romantic cruise in Halong Bay, artificial beach Bai Chay has adorned Ha Long with a beauty that attracts many visitor. So, if you set foot here, how would you enjoy lunch?

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Need to know:

  • The famous dishes in Bai Chay such as snails, squid, baked oysters ....
  • specialty but the price difference is inevitable.
  • Please capture the price list on the menu.
  • It is possible for seafood to have allergic reactions or abdominal pain.

About Bai Chay:

Bai Chay at night

Before going to the lunch restaurant in Bai Chay, let's go explore this place. Bai Chay, a name that makes anyone curious to hear the curiosity. That particular name, from where is it?

According to legend, Bai Chay was the place where the army of Nguyen Mong troop headed by General Truong Van Ho attacking our country was attacked by General Tran Khanh Du and Tran's troops. edge. As many of the enemy boats were burnt, the North East wind blew fire on the west coast of Cua Luc as the nearby dry forest was also burned down. The burnt forest today is called Bai Chay. Bai Chay has an artificial beach, located along Ha Long Bay with the sandy beach with a length of over 1000m, width 100m. The topography here is a low-rolling hills leading to the sea, extending more than 2 km of ancient pines.

Besides the interesting things. Bai Chay - Ha Long is also famous for delicious specialties food. Such as squid, grilled oysters, clams, fried snails, fresh seafood, ... Squid is processed food Sophisticated, fresh from pure squid should taste delicious characteristics. Despite the relatively high cost (300,000 - 450,000 VND / kg). But it is still crowded with tourists to buy.

Grilled oysters on the charcoal stove with fat water and lemon wedges with a cold beer are an irresistible attraction. Same with oysters, but smaller, lighter shells. Ha takes the processing time slightly but in return for the delicious sour soup is delicious, especially in hot summer lunch.

Best restaurant for Lunch in Bai Chay:

Lunch at the place known as seafood paradise will be an ideal opportunity for you to enjoy many seafood dishes attractive. If you prefer convenience, luxury in Bai Chay. You can refer to the following restaurants for lunch:

Thien Anh seafood restaurant:

Seafood on Thien Anh seafood restaurant

  • Address: Group 5, Zone 9, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City.
  • Phone: 0203 3512 768
  • Thien Anh is a restaurant with nice view, open air, parking lot convenient. With luxurious space, warm hospitality and dedicated service, the restaurant promise to bring satisfaction to visitors when visiting.

Thang Long Star Restaurant:

Thang Long Star Restaurant

  • Address: Hoang Quoc Viet Street - Group 9, Zone 9, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City.
  • Tel: 0203 3845 916
  • This is a restaurant with elegant architecture, delicacy specializing in providing fresh seafood with the brand. Thang Long Star is also prominent with the extensive campus, extensive.

Vietnamese restaurant:

Vietnamese restaurant

  • Address: Dong Hung Thang Area, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City.
  • Tel: 0203 3845 913
  • Vietnamese restaurant is very convenient when located right at the fire beach. In addition to dining, the restaurant also impresses with the unique ethnic musical performances.

Pho Bien Restaurant:

Pho Bien Restaurant

  • Address: Group 5, Zone 9, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City.
  • Tel: 0203 3640 425.
  • Bien Hoa is known as a restaurant offering many delicious dishes at affordable prices and attentive service style.

Fresh Seafood Restaurant 224:

Seafood on Fresh Seafood Restaurant 224

  • Address: Group 5, Zone 9, Bai Chay, Ha Long City.
  • Phone: 033 384 908.
  • This is a restaurant specializing in seafood specialties, the staff here is very attentive, enthusiastic.

If you are a fan of freedom, love to discover new or simple. You just prefer the rustic place with reasonable prices, you can completely choose lunch at Ben Doan food street. It's far from Bai Chay about 1km. This culinary street stretches along the Tran Quoc Nghien coastal road, covering an area of about 11,000 square meters. In addition, more than 60 outdoor booths serve only from 16:00 pm until midnight. All remaining booths serve all day long. From the distance, your sense of smell has been awakened by the scent of passion coming out of oysters, oysters, oysters, grilled snails... At this time, we should call a glass of cold beer with oyster plate and letter Relax in the cool breeze bringing the salty taste of the sea.

Special Notes:

  • Seafood is a nutritious food, people with gout or arthritis should abstain. Bai Chay seafood out, there are many other delicious dishes are always ready to serve tourists
  • People with a history of allergy to seafood should also limit these
  • Take a snapshot of the menu for use in certain situations
  • You may have allergies or abdominal pain due to non-seafood
  • Before you eat at any restaurant, choose carefully.
  • Also, if you eat outside the sidewalk, you should also ask the price before choosing the item.

For details about notes here are tips for safe dining of seafood in Halong.

Visiting Bai Chay and have fun here, do not miss lunch and interesting restaurants here by the fresh seafood, carefully prepared, bring great taste and special. More energy for fun activities in the afternoon. Do not forget to share with us your memories here. Wish you have a fun trip and great meals!

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