The Paloma Cruise – The Journey Of Sun Descendants In Halong Bay

Attracted by the mighty of vegetation and unique limestone cave system, Halong Bay is the most perfect gift from nature on ocean. Same as the no-dead corner girl, Halong bay can seduce any romantic heart. Beside the spectacular scene be showed off through famous travel magazine pages, Halong still hide away a lot others magic in deep of pure blue water. In Halong Bay, your time will be never boring.

Paloma Cruise is the one of most unique wooden design in Halong Bay. The floating building twinkling in the middle of Bay same as the son of Sun will bring you into the luxury world of high levels. Through this journey, you will be enjoyed the best five-star service from accommodations to the others life service. Specially, don't miss overnight cruise in Halong bay with Paloma, you will fall in love with every moment.

The relaxing space in the most wonderful destination in Vietnam

Unique wooden design is the special features make Paloma Cruise different with others boat in Halong. The using of open – space architecture make the boat look larger and help tourists get comfortable although how it crowed. The highlighting of lights system, the high standard toughened glass doors with curtains and delicate royal décor details will make you feel as is staying in a luxury villa between the vast valleys.

The wide and brilliant cabin is the next charm for you. All amenities are in world class. The bathroom with large tub along with massage shower will bring to you the amazing relaxing moments. All rooms have sun balcony or intelligent glass windows. Enjoying the magic of nature in or out private space is the experience you must have when stay in Halong cruise.

But the best gift you get in Paloma is the airy sundeck in front of the boat. The spacious sundeck is the perfect place to sense the Halong scent. The fresh air and gentle green color will calm all tired heart, give them energy to continue enjoying life.

The bar lounge with enthusiasm staff, the smile is always on lips when having requests from customers. All of them with high talents in related fields will serve you the drinks you’d love.

Live real with the delightful activities in and out boat

"Boring" is the word never been appeared in this Paloma cruise. Your journey will begin with Tai Chi Class to refreshing whole body and soul. Next be with tasting in international and traditional cuisines from professional chef team. Then, the massage room with Halong views always is empty for you. And the plenty of other things are waiting you.

If you want to play out of boat, let contact with service staffs, one deeply experienced guide will ready to companion with you in the way to explore this magic lands. Rowing bamboo boat into the caves, diving into sea to visit the coral reef, kayaking in the middle mighty nature by yourself… May be, it will take you a lot of time to choice.

More than that, the stopping of this cruise is in the center of the most bunch of beautiful island in Halong Bay. Bai Tu Long beach, Titov island, Vung Vieng floating village…are the witness for the born of wonder.

Specially, the exciting night's life is the highlight of this cruise. Bar lounge with catchy music, delicious food is always welcome you to join in and enjoy. The lucky squid fishing trips with a lot of surprises also make you fascinated. Your night will up to your decision.

Actually, all in safe!

The safe condition always put in high strictly control by all staff. From safe facilities, the safe rule in the activities in or out of boat, they also note carefully in details. With Halong paloma cruise, the safe of tourist is the biggest success of each journey.

"The cruise is so amazing for your Halong Bay exploring journey!"

That is one review of our old customer give us on TripAdvisor - the famous app of travelling. And there are a lot same words in other trusting tourism apps. It proved that our luxury services are deserved with your choice. Let come and join with us, you will be enjoyed Halong Bay magical in the most amazing ways.

If you are in hesitating and need more information about Paloma Cruise or other luxury choices in Halong Bay, Origin Vietnam will help you. As the reputed choice with the great team on knowledge and enthusiasm, you will receive the consulting in the most passionate way. All things about accommodations, entertaining, servicing… will be given to you in detail as you want. Let contact us at website: or dial Hotline: (+84)82 909 8686. Origin Vietnam team is always ready to connect will you.


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