Charter Private Cruise Halong Bay Guidelines

Charter private cruise Halong Bay is one of the special for your trip to Halong. Most cruises in Halong Bay are all classes including luxury, deluxe and superior. All offer the charter private cruise which you can be pleased for what you have a lot to select a suitable one.

It is various in price, charter private cruises range in the capacity from the small 1 cabin to a big group maximum 100 people. With a charter private cruise, you will be provided all foods on board, private tour guide, kayak, etc.

Charter private cruise is an ideal option for a private trip

Depending on the number of people in your group, a private cruise is an ideal option for a private trip. It is ideal for those you wish to celebrate a privacy and familiarity. Yes, the charter private cruise is perfect for individuals, couple, families or friends as well as the company want to have a private space. It can also do for customizing charter cruise on the bay. What do you think of a charter private cruise? And how do you find and book a private cruise as your wish?

Following is the guidelines to reference before having a decision of a reasonable cruise:

Small Junk and cruise from 1 to 5 cabins

It’s surely the most wonderful and romantic experience for couples, honeymooners, and families. And private tours offer you more choices for dream charter private cruises in Halong Bay. Take a one day tour to discover the spectacular World Heritage site listed of Halong Bay. But before that you will need to know Halong bay cruise price after that you can choose small junk and cruise from 1 cabin to 5 cabins or more. So, just some cruises have the itinerary for only half day (4 hours or 6 hours visiting the bay) or full day (8 hours visiting the bay). By this option, you can enjoy a delicious seafood lunch while the cruise sails through the bay. In addition, most of junks and cruises have the itinerary 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 nights.

  1. L’Amour Junk 1 cabin which is perfect for only 2 people just have a short time to discover Halong Bay in half day or full day. With the half-day, you can choose morning or afternoon is possible. Beside, L’Amour Junk offers perfect 2 days/1 night, 3 days/2 nights, and even 4 days/3 nights. With small junk, it takes you to get closer to the natural limestone islands. Its itinerary is to Bai Tu Long Bay route. You can read more.
  2. L’Azalee Premium Cruise which maximum 4 people which is suitable for small family or group to visit Halong Bay half day or full day. This itinerary is Halong Bay route.
  3. Prince Junk 2-4 cabins. It is ideal for 2 couples, small family, groups travel to Bai Tu Long Bay. Prince Junk offers 2 days/1 night, 3 days/2 nights, and 4 days/3 nights trip. It is perfect for those who wish to discover Bai Tu Long Bay long time which no more cruise has. + Amira Cruise 3 cabins which is wonderful for maximum 6 people to discover Halong Bay
  4. Legend Halong cruise (from 1 to 5 cabins) which is for honeymooner, couples or family to discover Halong Bay.
  5. Red Dragon Junk 5 cabins which is maximum 11 people to travel to Bai Tu Long Bay
  6. Valentine cruise (2 & 5 cabins) is for 4 people or maximum 10 people.

Cruise from 6 to 11 cabins

Charter private cruise - Deluxe double cabin of Lafairy sails

The charter private cruise from 6 to 11 cabins is ideal for the group from 12 people to 22 people. No better choice for the small company, friend group to travel with a private space. By this number of cabins, the quality of cruise is all levels: superior, deluxe and luxury.

  1. Lafairy Sails and Dragon Pearl Junk are 11 cabins. It's itinerary to Bai Tu Long Bay. How beautiful it is when you wish to travel this route and on traditional wooden junk.
  2. Maya cruise is also 11 cabins but it is more luxury than with 4.5 stars. And its itinerary to Lan Ha Bay with the less touristic one.
  3. Lavender cruise (7+8+12 cabins). Its itinerary is 2days and 3days. Especially, Lavender cruise has both options visit Halong Bay and Cat Ba island.
  4. Paradise Peak (8 cabins) is a luxury one with Halong bay journey for 2 days or 3 days trip

Cruise from 12 cabins up

With a large cabin of the charter private cruise, it offers all classes from Superior, Deluxe, and Luxury. And very less cruise has 1 day trip to Halong Bay.

  1. Emeraude cruise has 1 day trip to discover Halong Bay. In addition, it has 2 days and 3 days trip.
  2. Alisa cruise (21 + 22 cabins) which is 5 star one. It offers Halong Bay cruise discovery journey on luxury 5 star.
  3. Orchid cruise (14 cabins) and Azalea cruise (20 cabins) is 5 star which is to Lan Ha Bay route.
  4. Paradise Luxury cruise (17 cabins) and Paradise Elegance cruise (32 cabins) has the itinerary in Halong Bay and the most luxury one.

In fact, depending on your demand you can search many others cruise as your wish base on your group size and itinerary you choose. You can reference more cruise in Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with Origin Vietnam.


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