A Funny Day At Ba Ham Lake

Ba Ham Lake - actually a lagoon or a "funnel" - a form of topography, karst typical of Ha Long Bay. Ba Ham Lake is located in Lan Ha Bay close to Cat Ba Island. This is one of the three triangular peaks in the absolute protected area of ​​World Natural Heritage Ha Long Bay.

Ba Ham Lake still retains the mystical beauty, wild because there is no human impact or the existence of any construction. Compared to the attractions on Ha Long Bay, visitors want to discover the beauty of Ba Ham Lake can only use the rowing boat or kayak. We can get inside the lake only after the tide down.

How is Ba Ham Lake unique?

The first lake is a cave 150m long, 10m wide, the highest cave ceiling about 1.5-2m. The road to the second lake on the right along the entrance, about 60m. The second lake has the largest area in three lakes, with an area of about 1,000 square meters. From the first lake, the underground cavern is about 60 meters long, the third lake is about 600m2.

In Halong bay cruise 2 night at Ba Ham Lake. It's surrounding by limestone mountain. After get inside the lake. It's completely quiet, only the birds singing the sky, the water Ha Long. The sound of paddles fluttering the boat lightly. Through the dim foxholes, each cluster of stalactites hanging down with strange shapes. Along the way, sometimes the front of the road is a rock wall covered by dark black cover. But if the next paddle, small light streams began to appear, a new scene. reappears. There are really wide, narrow place, there is a barrier to hear, there is quiet back, the landscape is painted beautiful nature.

Ba Ham Lake is one of the typical ecosystems of Ha Long Bay. It's a favorable condition for the animals and plants to live and develop. On the limestone cliffs around the lake, visitors can see a green color of tropical vegetation, rich in species. In addition, Dau Be Island is one of the island chains with golden hairs. So do not be surprised to see a few monkeys hiding on the cliffs around. Besides the monkey. Ba Ham Lake also have many different kind of birds. Currently, Ba Ham Lake is one of the tourist routes of tourists when coming to Ha Long. Ba Ham Lake - Dau Be Island is one of the ideal night parking spots for Ha Long overnight cruise. Also It is an Vietnam ecotourism tour that many companies, tour operators, and visitors to around the world.


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