Travel To Ha Giang On Autumn: Heaven On The Rocky Mountains

Autumn is the color of yellow chrysanthemum, the aroma of the pack of nuggets wrapped in lotus leaf. Autumn in the mountain city of Dalat people see the beautiful beauty of wild flowers or the mimosa. So this autumn you want to find a little new? Let go to Ha Giang unique place in the headland of Vietnam.

Not so when calling Ha Giang in the autumn is the paradise of Vietnam by the sky, mountain scenery, flower color, .. all make visitors feel like in the foreground scene. Autumn Ha Giang is when triangular flowers cover the fields with pink frosting, orange buttons blooming in the arcs, warm sunshine interwoven with the cold seals of the mountain wind, , half-dark clouds in half, .. Beautiful to the heart! Suffering the admirers often spread that Ha Giang is their "autumn mistress"

Autumn Ha Giang - The season of many different flower:

Thu come wake up the flower triangles circuit! Unlike other areas Triangle vascular in Ha Giang purple color when the first hatched then gradually change into light pink. This flower is so famous in the North Pole that. It is mentioned in Ha Giang remember the triangle flower circuit and vice versa. At the end of September, a lot of travelers flocked to this place. They looking to the hills filled with pink. But also to immerse in the identity that the triangle created for autumn Ha Giang.

Triangular circuit spread throughout Ha Giang on the high plateau mountain. The mountain bending wind, wander on the rock slits, hills, .. where to go everywhere also see. However, if you want to see the field to have the best pictures. You can find some places after the Triangle is planted in large numbers for tourism. Such as: Sawa (famous place scenes from the movie Pao's Story), deputy table (an ancient village with over a hundred years old with beautiful triangular rice fields).

In addition, Lung Cu , Cáo town. Specially the foot of Ma Pí Lèng are also said to have the beautiful triangle flower field for visitors to admire.

Autumn Ha Giang - Orange season orange bloom all the way:

Woman beside flower Ha Giang

Not as well known as Triangle circuit, wild flower species along the road of Ha Giang. It's has very own way . The flowers are small but slender flowers in front of the mountains so quietly blooming to collect all the colors of the dry land just rocks with rocks. Gradually, they are also favored by the brilliant orange color and incredible vigorous vitality, creating an idyllic. That is not easily overshadowed by other flowers.

Wild raccoons not only appear throughout the sloping mountainside. Or between the sharp cobblestones of the cats, but now they also wander in the triangular or adjacent fields to form a large rug on either side of the road. The flowers are vibrant orange, just enough to stand out but not too ostentatious, and as a challenge to the harsh nature.

The beauty is more brilliant in the sun, attractive enough, enchanting to call its "lover" turned-the travelers of the cross always bring in the heart longing for beauty. Go to Ha Giang, they will tell you the mystical stories of the mountains. Give them the moment that they are most beautiful. Because they do not let you be disappointed when crossing the mountain pass, to reach the same height this message! Wild raccoons are also the most resilient flower. Because when they do not fall off, they only gradually fade, even if the living conditions are severe, they will not succumb.

Autumn Ha Giang - Golden season of rice fields!

Golden rice field in Hoang Su Phi

Arriving Ha Giang in the autumn. Not only the unique flowers, but you will be more attracted to the paddy rice terraces and friendly people. The most famous place to watch this beautiful scenery is Hoang Su Phi! There are terraced fields stretched as drawn from the pictures.

In Hoang Su Phi The terraced fields bend the message. It's running from the stream to the top of the mountain and interspersed with primitive forests, ancient tea fields and streams, streams, creating a natural picture. harmonious, colorful.

Travel to Ha Giang in September, 10 not only enjoy the majestic natural scenery, relax in the fresh air with the mountains running long, you can step down the golden rice fields, join Together with the people harvesting ripe rice.

If Ha Noi collection bearing the mark of sad, yellow color, purple but still can not cover the hustle and bustle of urban people, Ha Giang is different. Looking to Ha Giang the last days, the sky changed, the heart is more relaxed, more natural.

Autumn road to Ha Giang winding mountain hills, wool through the green hillside season to replace the leaves, the reddish purple as the real dream. Then there are thousands of terraced fields spread out over the head, yellow glowing under the blue sky.

Drop your soul to free your eyes to watch the clouds sky over the cornflies bursting over the cornfields, slopes or curved roads to add love to the northern of Vietnam. Under the romantic autumn days do not forget to visit the stone park, market with enjoy a cup of corn wine...

Autumn impression Ha Giang is the picture of diversity, color, mountain, sky also warm people! It's truly beautiful to heart.

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Photo by Nguyen Xuan & Pham Viet


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