Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que vegetable village Hoian has been well-known for a long time with fresh, organic and clean vegetables; bring its own unique flavor.

Tra Que vegetable village – An attractive destination in Hoian

#1 Location

Tra Que vegetable village is about 3km from Hoian ancient town on the northeast. This village was created 300 years ago, surrounded by De Vong river and Tra Que lagoon and it has a good atmosphere with fresh air. You can easily get there by motorbike, bicycle or walk.

This village has a perfect location when lying between Hoi An ancient town and An Bang beach.

#2 Highlight of Tra Que vegetable village

Special, Tra Que village is no chemical or toxic used in the plant growing process. Therefore, the vegetables here are guaranteed quality and delivered to all Hoian’s restaurants and households. A Tra Que vegetable village tour, visitors can see how the farmers grow vegetables in their traditional organic ways.

Tra Que villagers are always proud of their products. The vegetables have a natural fragrant smell thanks to the seaweed manure from De Vong lake and only takes 20 days from the first day of raising seeds to harvest day.

Come to Tra Que village, visitors will be taught how to grow herbs, a separate land for suitable herb type, being a local farmer, cooking class with the local family for traditional cuisines, etc. Therefore, visitors will find plenty of joys during the process.

#3 Types of vegetable

The total area for growing vegetables in Tra Que is 40 ha with more than 41 kinds of vegetable: betel leaf, perilla leaf, chive, sawtooth herb, rice paddy herb,... And growing vegetables has become a major livelihood of Tra Que villagers through many generations. Thanks to the special flavor, Tra Que vegetables have contributed to the popularity of cuisine in Hoian and Quang Nam. A typical dish of Quang Nam – Quang noodles must eat with Tra Que vegetable to increase the delicious combination of natural flavors.

#4 A paradise for photographer

Tra Que is a perfect choice for photograph destination.

# Stunning lighting:

Tra Que is the best place to take photo sunset in Hoian. In Tra Que, you are rewarded with the outstanding lighting for all kinds of shooting. From the early morning to late afternoon, each time of a day provides different forms of lighting giving you a big chance for creativity and imagination.

# The beauty scenery:

Tra Que is one of the most beautiful rural areas of Vietnam, has lush grassland, marvelous rice field and tranquil lakes for the backdrop. Come to here, you can find it super excited to observe the farmers sitting on buffalos for a short break or deep their feet into the rice field for harvesting.

#5 Best time to visit Tra Que vegetable village

Come to Tra Que to know picturesque and charming on best time:

  • Morning: 5 am – 7:30 am
  • Afternoon: 3:30 pm – 6 pm

#6 What to do in Tra Que vegetable village

Hoi an tours won’t complete if you don’t come to Tra Que vegetable village. Walking around large yellowish rice fields and green herbs square

Come to Tra Que, you will take part in and experience a day of being farmer and learning plant growing technique from the villagers:

  • Experience one day of being a farmer and ride a buffalo
  • Take photos of rice field and vegetable village.
  • A relaxing bike or a leisurely walk taking.
  • An admire the beauty of sunset or sunrise.
  • Cooking class.
  • Foot massage with the ingredients from Tra Que herbs.
  • Surround yourself with stunning landscape.
Cau Bong festival in Tra Que vegetable village Note: Every year, on the 7th of lunar January, Tra Que villagers organize the Cau Bong festival to pray for a good weather and successful harvest season.

Tra Que vegetable village is the ideal place for visitors to explore local life and natural beauty, special photo lovers. Make contact at to have the great experience.


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