The Passersby On The Journey To Mu Cang Chai

Khau Pha, Khe, and Ac pass are roads that tourists will pass from Hanoi towards National Highway 32 to Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai. Each pass appears as a grand picture of nature with the power of human hands over the years.

Khe Pass - the natural boundary between Phu Tho and Yen Bai

There are many mountain roads named "Pass Khe". And the pass connecting Phu Tho and Yen Bai provinces is also named after this name. Driving through Thu Cuc, Highway 32 turns into two branches. There are 32A (via Lung Lo Pass) and 32B (through Khe Pass). The access road to Yen Bai will go through Highway 32 with a majestic view of the mountains and forests of Van Chan and Tan Son districts. You can admire the immense rice fields that lie beside the vast palm forests of Phu Tho or the tea plantation.

Khe pass is once a "fear" for people driving. Especially those who drive in the evening. This road often occurs landslides, causing traffic congestion. However, over the past years, Khe Pass has been repaired and become the main route for those traveling to Mu Cang Chai, instead of running longer from Yen Bai City, passing Van Chan and Nghia Lo.

Ach Pass, where the Ngoi Pha stream originates

Located entirely in Van Chan district. This is a majestic pass of Yen Bai province, along with Lung Lo and Khau Pha passes. Ach Pass is famous for its steep slopes and many bends. The sudden rain of the mountains carrying a thin mist that obscures the driver's vision often causes visitors to "falter" as they pass through this pass of just a few kilometers.

Although not up to the ideal height to see the majestic scenery of the Northwest. But the road through the mountain pass brings you fresh air and rustic beauty of Van Chan village. Ngoi Lao River runs through the foot of Ach Pass, flows into streams and brings life to the fields that are also entering the crop.

Khau Pha Pass - "Heavenly Gate" leads into the North West of Vietnam

Dubbed as one of the four great peaks, the name Khau Phamakes people remember right away the dangerous pass. It's more than 30 km long, located between Van Chanand Mu Cang Chai districts. The pass is famous for its winding roads, sharp bends, on the side of the valley, on one side is a steep mountain, giving a feeling of overwhelming visitors. Khau Pha is also a lifeline connecting Yen Bai with Lai Chau and Sapa Lao Cai.

Coming to Khau Pha Pass, you are lost in the World of mountains and majestic terraced fields. From the mountain pass, you can take a look at Lim Mong field and Cao Pha valley, where terraced fields are pulled up to the sky gate. Higher up are the peaks with white clouds and murky waterfalls on the cliff year round.

Take a moment to rest on this pass after a long and stressful journey and watch the beauty of heaven and earth.

Pass road from Tu Le to Nghia Lo

Although not called a specific name, the road from Nghia Lo to Tu Le will provide visitors with sharp turns to the heart. On the road more than 45 km without steep slopes or cliffs. But there are many bends that make the driver wary.

Quick tips:

  • If do biking and visit family in this area. Visitor should book private tours in advance
  • Best time to visit (from April, May, June, Sept, Oct)

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