Summer Days In The Paintings Of Mu Cang Chai

During the peak season of the Northwest, the journey to see the rice of Tu Le - Cao Pha - Mu Cang Chai still extremely attractive on these summer days.

Origin Guide at Mu Cang Chai

How it impressive?

At Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province at this time. Tour to Mu Cang Chai visitors are no longer admire the scene of pouring water into the terraced fields. Because in some places they are near the end of the plowing, plating. However, the deserted tourists with natural wonders, plus the urgent atmosphere of the crop will bring you peace, relaxation. About 250 km north of Hanoi on Highway 32. The section starts from Tu Le through Cao Pha to Mu Cang Chai town. Which is well-known on the Vietnam tourist map, with terraced fields stretching along the way.

In Tu Le Communeand Cao Pha Commune. Where they transplanted two rice crops in the year. At this point, Tu Le and in the whole Cao Phuc valley show up with many colors of both pouring water. There are plating young, as well as green rice, cooked rice, make a picture extremely beautiful color.

Green field at Mu Cang Chai

In the morning, dreaming of wandering in the Hmong village. Then go down the valley to admire the sunrise, under the blue sky. Specially light morning sun will make you let go and immersed in the space filled with this color.

From the Khau Pha Pass, one of the four high-altitude passes in the North West. From here you can easily see the entire gorgeous rice valley of many beautiful colors with the scenery of peaceful villages of Thai, Mong surrounded by majestic mountains.

Mu Cang Chai

Go slow down on the pass. It's one of the legendary North West pass to Mu Cang Chai town, just to admire the majestic mountains, is an enjoyable and memorable experience. You can stop on the pass, fresh air fresh air, cool in the mountains and admire the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests of the Northwest.

Unlike in Tu Le and Cao Pha communes, the communes around Mu Cang Chai town, across the Khau Phau pass. Where have only one rice crop per year. So this time, the villagers have finished dumping and almost finished plating. The terraces here are mostly blue and not brilliant colors. However, the greatness, the cliffs of the terraced fields here is still attractive features of the soul of love nature.


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