Hunting The Beautiful Photos In Bac Son Golden Rice Season

End of July and November is the time of Bac Son valley (Lang Son) starting in the golden season. Located in the heart of a valley surrounded by limestone mountains.

Bac Son town is located in Bac Son district, about 160 km from Hanoi. Thanks to favorable natural conditions, local people can grow two rice crops each year.

The harvest season is usually at the end of July and November each year. While the terraced fields in the Northwest were still green, the Bac Son field was prepared for the harvest. However, the fields in Bac Son do not grow at the same time making the scenery of the season also become more special.

Bac Son valley

How to get to Bac Son

At the bus stations in Hanoi. Such as My Dinh, Gia Lam, Groundwater, Giap Bat ... will have many car to Lang Son, with fares ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 per person, depending on the bus line. After arriving to Lang Son bus station, take a taxi or motorbike to Bac Son valley. However, this way is not popular also not conveniences.

Passengers love photography, riding cars from Hanoi to Bac Son valley following the following: Through Nhat Tan Bridge - National Highway 3 - Thai Nguyen City, turn right along National Highway 1B, Continue for about 75 km to the Bac Son valley.

Where we can spend a night in Bac Son

You can find a homestay near the foot of Na Lay, in Quynh Son village, or bring camping tents overnight at the top of the mountain. The room rate is only 90,000 - 200,000 VND per night. Or to save time moving up and down the mountain, you can camp overnight on top of Na Lay and need to bring tents, tarpaulins, food, blankets, flashlights, lighters ...


Because Bac Son is not too far from Hanoi, you can go for 2 days 1 night

Day 1: Depart from Ha Noi - Bac Son - visit Quynh Son village - climbing Mount Na Lay for sunset and night sky

Day 2: Pick up the dawn on Na Lay - Dang Mo waterfall - return to Hanoi


  • Even if you go in the summer you should bring a thin jacket in the early morning and when the night in Bac Son can be lowered.
  • Bring a pair of high-heeled shoes or footwear to make it easier for you to climb for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • There should be mosquito repellant, insect repellent, hat to avoid sun.
  • Fast food, snacks or light cooking tools for cooking along the way if hungry.
  • If using Bac Son by motorcycle, it is recommended to bring basic motorcycle repair kit, car patch, backup car, mini car pump ...

Day 1

Rice field in Bac Son valley

The journey from Hanoi to Bac Son takes about 3.5 - 4 hours of travel. From early morning to noon, you can go to the place, can eat on the road and visit Quynh Son village. Come here you also enjoy many local specialties. Such as black rice cake, wormwood cake, sticky rice, stream fish ...

Quynh Son village from 2010 to become a village cultural tourism community. The village has bronze architecture, with hundreds of stilted roofs in the south, spacious living space cool, natural harmony. Stopping in Quynh Son village gives you the chance to discover the cultural life of the Tay and experience the peaceful village setting.

After walking in Quynh Son village and sending car you can climb up Na Lay mountain about 600 m above sea level. This is a stopping point to Bac Son hunting rice photo also must rip at least once. The road to the mountain is short but steep and rudimentary, with steep steps only stone path. Healthy people can climb for 30 minutes, if heavy or weaker will take about an hour.

Na Lay Peak has a mobile broadcasting station, quite flat for people to view the panoramic view of Bac Son rice valley. You should pay attention to sleeping on the top of the mountain so contact the microwave staff first. Night down camping and self-made food to enjoy with friends under the starry sky in Bac Son very memorable.

Day 2

Amazing landscape Na Lay mountain Bac Son valley

In addition to the attraction of rice fields to the season. The valley scene is attractive to photographers by the sea breeze in every morning. In the morning you wake up early about 5h - 5h30 will see the sun rises after high mountain range distant message.

In addition to the sunset, the town lights up brilliant and night sky in Na Lay. The most awaited moment is the dawn, and the sea of ​​clouds floating over the valley of Bac Son. Especially if you come to Bac Son after a heavy rain, when the weather is clear and the sky is clear again, will definitely see a clear and attractive natural painting.

After seeing the sunrise, you can go down the mountain, eat breakfast in the villages in the valley and then go to Dang Mo waterfall in Gia Binh district (Lang Son) 20 km from the center of Bac Son town. Waterfall is a lot of water, but if the weekend can be crowded by the whole population, the local people to set up photography, swimming or organized outdoor picnic groups, ... Lunch group Can self-purchase food picnic party by the waterfall, relaxing at waterfall before returning to Hanoi.


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