Fragrant Vegetables Tra Que

For each visitor, the feeling of being muddy. Laid barefoot on a smooth, cool brown soil, is the look of the eyes in front of the cool blue of the vegetable fields and inhaled. The aromatic aromas of basil, onion, garlic, perilla, mint ... are impressive experiences can not forget when coming to Tra Que vegetable village.

Tra Que tour by bicycle

Quang Nam winter sun end of spring early beautiful. The sunny sunshine and blue sky peacefully enough to make the feet go crazy can not sit still.

Tra Que is a famous vegetable growing village of Quang Nam. The village is adjacent to De Vong River and Tra Que Lake, not far from the ancient town of Hoi An. Legend has it that vegetable cultivation here is more than 300 years ago and by the fishermen on the river. Vegetables Cinnamon Tea has many kinds. But the most famous are the herbs, vegetables have contributed to make the name of many delicious dishes known as Quang, high floor, wonton, Quang noodles, pancakes, bread ...

Today, the village has more than 40 hectares of vegetable land and more than 130 households grow clean vegetables. For many generations, Tra Que people planted vegetables naturally, almost as the air. But only the addition of fresh seaweed picked from De Vong River and Tra Que. Maybe so that the vegetables have a delicious taste very strange

The smell of natural incense, the name of Tra Que has become so familiar at home and abroad. In 2015, Le Figaro, the famous French daily newspaper has ranked Tra Que vegetables in one of 10 points can not be ignored when coming to Vietnam.

Return to the story of a tours Hoi An to visit Tra Que vegetable village of French tourists. Along the way, many people said they are very eager and curious to discover this vegetable village. Because it is said that this is the place to grow spices with charming aromas. That have done so much French chef come to Vietnam.

Vegetables Tra Que

When coming to Tra Que Vegetable Village, many people can not hide their surprise and enjoyment in front of their eyes. Right in the middle of a tranquil and tranquil Central Tra Que village. With straight lines, horizontal rows like horizontal chessboard.

Unwilling, Vincent, the old man from the famous vineyards of Bordeaux in France, stood in the middle of the garden looking up to take a fresh breath as if trying to collect all the chest in his gourd. fresh air with a pleasant aroma of onion, garlic, basil, mint, perilla ... And to show more of your inspiration. He snapped a hand with a short but interesting comment: "Great!".

After an impressive first minute, people are introduced to local techniques of vegetable cultivation by the villagers, as well as the use of each kind of vegetables in Vietnamese food processing. Hand-picked fragrant herbs to discover their characteristic aroma.

The most interesting and impressive is that visitors experience the feeling of farming in the way of the native. In a simple brown coat and a simple leaf hat on the head. People go out to do hand picking, fertilizing, bathing and planting the green vegetables in the same way that Tra Que farmers do in the past.

For those who come from the West, the feeling of being muddy, going barefoot on a soft, spongy brown ground and splashing in a bucket of water for irrigation over a shoulder is really an experience. fresh and interesting. Maybe so everyone is excited, so laughter is echoing throughout the village quiet village.

The old lady in Tra Que village

At noon, when the sun started to shine and the blushed faces were covered with sweat, people stopped to enjoy the homeland to rest and enjoy the countryside flavors of Tra Que. The simple restaurant, people gather around the small kitchen table with the shape of a small boat and round the eyes watching the chef cheerfully just introduced the show and how to pour the cake as fast as circus.

After the chef's chef guide, everyone is excited to race in the kitchen to be hands down pancakes. The kitchen became boisterous with laughter and jokes in the sound of the fire shuddering on the pan with the sound of burning fizz and the smell of cooked bread scattered around the restaurant.

Land and people from so many generations, always gentle, peaceful and hospitable. And outside the small shop, Tra Que vegetable gardens continue to quietly incense to drag guests away.

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