Enjoy The View Of Sapa From Ham Rong Mountain On Spring

From this legendary mountain. You can see Ta Phin valley, Muong Hoa hidden under smog and the mountains of the same distance.

On the way from Lao Cai city to Sapa. Travel through the bridge section 32, while about 6 km from the mountain town. Where you will see a majestic mountain peak appears before the eyes to overwhelm visitors. It is Ham Rong peak 1,800 m high above sea level with the shape of a winding "dragon roll of tiger" among the nature of fog.

This mountain is named after Ham Rong. Because it is the shape of a dragon that tails up the Heaven Gate. It's bordering Hau Thao and Sa Pa communes, the first part is located in Sapa town. If you look more closely, you will see a giant "dragon teeth". That is southwest of the Hoang Lien Son peak.

When visiting Sapa, visitors often spend half a day exploring this mountain peak. The long stone steps take us into the open space of the mountains, forests and the sound of birds singing. Along the way are beautiful swings so you can rest. Orchid garden with all kinds from all over Hoang Lien Son range gathered here.

You can also visit the ethnic cultural village when experiencing Ham Rong peak. It's a best way to enjoy traditional dances of the Mong, San Chai and Dao ethnic groups. Heaven gate 1 and sky gate 2 lead visitors through the pristine cliffs, standing on the high cliffs, zooming out of the eye to feel the majestic nature.

Do not ignore the point of viewpoint, high cliff, solidly built in Ham Rong from which the whole scene of Sapa, Ta Phin valley, Muong Hoa hidden under smog. New spring days, choosing a trip to conquer the alpine and see Sapa mist from a height of 1,800 m will be an interesting experience.

It's good for

  • Trekking, flower lover, photographer
  • Unforgettable feeling in Ham Rong Mountain
  • Great views and nice cultural show
  • Flower Garden in Ham Rong
  • Great views overlooking Sapa
  • Unexpected beauty

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