Busy Paragliding Festival In Mu Cang Chai

At the peak of Khau Pha Pass, one of the "Four Elevations Pass" of the mountainous region of North Vietnam. It's a great way for experience and see the paragliding flying in the golden season, the terraced fields brilliant.

Paragliding Festival In Khau Pha, Mu Cang Chai

How Paragliding festival in Mu cang Chai is special?

Khau Phau Pass, located between Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai Districts, Yen Bai Province. It's one of the most beautiful pass in Vietnam. Where is chosen for paragliding. This location is considered by pilots to be one of the four most beautiful destination. And it's the most beautiful of the world's 10 destinations for paragliding.

The paragliding festival is held twice a year, during the flood season when the terraces are rising for new season. And other when the yellow-green color is dying in the sky.

Paragliding Festival In Mu Cang Chai

On the last days of September, many pilots, crews and technicians in the country and foreign friends marched on Khau Pha Pass to prepare for the Khau Pha Festival.

Young people can enjoy the feeling of extremely sublimated when flying on a layer of river bed, flying and watching the scenic terrain of Yen Bai.

At a cost of about $ 5 million per person for unregistered people like us, about $ 2 million for those who signed up several days ago, each person can save the most exciting moments of the fall, of highland.

Viewed from paragliding, the bottom is a beautiful picture. Looking from the ground, the parachutes are lively images on the blue sky. In the midst of the sunshine, between the winds, the emotions surged in the joy of hard description.

Khau Phau mountain pass, in the area of paragliding festival, always busy, crowded. Cultural and sporting activities bring tourists and local people closer to each other, bringing the cultural, ethnic present, integrate and bring memories.


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