Amazing Hoi An At Night

I would like to see Hoi An at night because Hoi An at night very beautiful. It is no coincidence that this city was honored as one of the 20 best "night life" on the planet. It is no coincidence that Hoi An look like Vinice of Vietnam, or the second most attractive destination in Asia.

Japanese Bridge

How it's beautiful at night?

The first place you should visit in Hoi An at night is Japanese Bridge in the old Japanese street, now in Tran Phu. This bridge was built in the seventeenth century, this is a very special and unique symbol of Hoi An. When night down the bridge is illuminated by colorful lights, constantly changing color. You will find many wedding photographers here, as well as the children who sell the lights. It is still a bridge, but in the evening, the bridge shimmering more than the day.

Another point, bustling destination near the Japanese Bridge. It's the nightlife area. The street very quite in the morning but very busy in the evening. It will make you feel like returning to the old town of Hoi An. In the street food often sells specialties of Hoi An. Such as high floor, chicken rice, noodles ... affordable, you can both enjoy the view of River. A very interesting space.

Hoi An at night

In the evening, after 6 o'clock the old town started to light up, as well as the flower candles glittering. Take a walk near the Hoai River in the evening, right in the bridge area of ​​Japan, An Hoi Bridge you will see pictures of cute girls wearing long dress, hat hug in the hands of the tired lined flower lights posted on the vertical the streets near the river at night.

Right near the Security Council has a large yard, on the busy evening with games, "hut" - a folk game very interesting in Hoi An. You can join the game by buying a card and the rest is to listen to the folk songs, ending with the name of a card. If you have the card in hand will win and receive a gift.

Bach Dang street at night by sparkling gold light from the row of ancient houses, sparkling under the surface of the Hoai River. This corner of the city makes Hoi An as the Vinice of Vietnam. Bach Dang street is the lowest area in Hoi An ancient town, so when the night falls, the water rises to the road. It would be annoying for tourists, but many tourists would like to watch and also take photos of the flood.

On the other side of Hoai River is Nguyen Phuc Chu street, An Hoi district. This neighborhood mainly focuses on restaurants, pubs. You can come here to enjoy Hoi An cuisine, drink some beer, or find a souvenir for yourself. This corner of the city is also home to many pictures of Hoi An tourism and other attractive destinations in Vietnam.

Hoi An sunset

At An Hoi, there is an array of shops selling lanterns. These shops are close together, creating a corner of sparkling light lanterns. You can come here and buy a carry-case, or donate to a friend or relative.

Still in the street is the night market in Hoi An. The market sells a lot of handicrafts made of wood, stone, metal ... etc. extremely diverse. Night market is especially suitable for girls, you can come here to buy yourself a necklace, earrings, bracelets ...

Hoi An ancient town at night, perhaps most beautiful when there are no tourists, restaurants. Then the old town really return to his old look, calm down. However, to watch the scene you have to wait until 1-2 am and not everyone can feel the beauty of Hoi An - one of 50 cities should come once in a lifetime.